The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Marbo's Mod Collection
Collection by: Marbo
Private Mod Collection.
RuneKittens mods
Collection by: RuneKitten
These are the mods I use incase any one wants to see them
Collection by: Captain Planet
Mods that increase the quality of the game.
Playthrough 1
Collection by: adeltee18
What i want to use to playthrough the game at various points.
kirbs shit
Collection by: OldManKirby
kirbs shit
Collection by: D ShishaMaster
Ingway's Occasionally Updated Skyrim Essentials v.0.1a
Collection by: teh.ingway
Descriptions forthcoming once mods are tested for compatability.
Mod Vari
Collection by: קђ๏єηเx
Mods vari
Magic Effects
Collection by: Restless Dead
Some helps you look more like a God, some takes you a few steps closer. If you like the mods, remember to support the makers!
Clamatowas Fav
Collection by: Clamatowas
The Fav List of Clamatowas
Blankz pack
Collection by: Blankz
For friend
Collection by: Foolio Augustus
Collection by: Sean
Collection by: Avenger
fun stuff
My Tamriel
Collection by: Speracado
Collection by: Lord Shaommon Tayen
Just some test of compatibilities.
Laughing Crow's Skyrim Collection
Collection by: Laughing Crow
The mods I currently use.
Collection by: more like waow buttsu rages on
AK's SKyrim
Collection by: aardkwak
Requires Dawnguard,Hearthfire and Dragonborn
Collection by: Chaqa
Realism and Diverse Difficulty
Collection by: Xlider
Skyrim Ultimate Mods
Collection by: Anyong!!
Best mods for Skyrim
Collection by: Stupidbear
For andre
New to skyrim
Collection by: SolidSnack
A starting pack of what you should download first
Subbed Mods
Collection by: Chief
Subbed mods
Sock's Subscribed Stuff
Collection by: em
This is just so I can find the mods I'm subscribed to in the future. None of this shit is mine.
My Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Prometheus
The Mods I currently use in Skyrim + all Addons
Collection by: warulw
Must Have's
Collection by: <=TSL=> Darth Odvind Kyras
A base collection of mods that subtely change Skyrim to a replayable game
The mods LethaL uses.
Collection by: LethaL
These are the mods I use. I did NOT make any of theym credit to the people who did these mods a great. These mods will mainly add/improve graphics, there are a few gameplay mods in there however.
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