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Bikimini's Lore Friendly Skyrim Collection
Collection by Bikimini
This is the (massive) collection of mods that I utilize to enjoy Skyrim. They're all pretty cool, and more importantly, don't alter the story or unreasonably boost the power of the player artificially. It's a real grab bag, so feel free to pick and choose...
"kleine" Optikmodsammlung (+kleinkram)
Collection by TrollPool
Kleine Ansammlung an Mods für die hübschere Optik und ein paar Sachen für die Bequemlichkeit ;)
Kwiq's favorites
Collection by Kwiq
My favorites mods for Skyrim.
ILOVEPIE's Gameplay Overhaul Pack
Collection by ILOVEPIE
Remember when you realized that skyrim seems a little less than what it was intended to be? This pack fixes that, it restores old content and adds more! USE BOSS TO GENERATE A LOADOUT ORDER THAT WORKS I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH! This collection is ...
Mokki's mod collection of mods :P
Collection by Mokki
Mokki's Collection of skyrim mods. Mods that vary from essential useful mods to mods just for the lols. Not everyone will find all these mods useful, but i am sure you will find some mods useful.
un mejor Skyrim
Collection by [CI]muerterroja
Esta es mi colección personal ,en principio es operativa en mi pc ,sera modificada cundo y como quiera
Baknik's User Interface Collection
Collection by Baknik
My favorite user interface (both menu and world) mods.
Kedzie's Subscribed Mods Collection
Collection by Kedzie
You will need this:
Denninja's Skyrim Collection
Collection by denn drowned in tea
The set of my favorite mods that work together! This contains new content, minor and major cheats, and useful changes. I guarantee this collection's mods all work together flawlessly. I'm using them, I'd know.
my test
Collection by Dante
The Skyrim Experience. Enhanced.
Collection by seriouslysean
Just my personal collection.
Lord Abi's Epic Skyrim Mods
Collection by Lord Abi
This is teh epic shiatz, bitch!
Fred the Beards Collection
Collection by FredtheBeard
Just a collection of mini mods to enhance the skyrim experience
Great Gaming Addition
Collection by Meschett
Best group of addons and so far no glitches...highly reccomend to make the game more user friendly and fun
Venix's Collection
Collection by Venix
So I took my time looking up detailed files for new experiences with Skyrim and found this collection to be my current mods running and best to date. I strongly recommend these mods as well that are currently not on Steam. FXAA Post Process Injector ...
D22-Zone's Must Have Mods
Collection by Saraaarrrgh
xxxxxxxxx I will be updating with more mods that work with the ones listed here shortly! xxxxxx Hiya folks! Abigail here with a list of absolute must have Skyrim mods, designed to work together (I haven't had compatibility issues with all these ru...
Yogitus Mods
Collection by Gavin - Yogitus
The set of mods I use while streaming Skyrim.
SKyrim "How it should have been released" (high end gpu needed)
Collection by GameOfChairs
Things I've gathered from other collections, none of the work is my own. Recommend to anyone with a high end gpu that can keep up. My gtx 570 runs 30-80 fps everywhere
Whiteyzz ultimate fun and make skyrim hard pack!
Collection by Whitie
makes the game look better and harder gameplay
mikes game favorites
Collection by mjmdotcom
mods that enhance gameplay without OP, mannequin mod should be disabled before doing the murder quest in windhelm and restared once its finished as it will cause a ctd when entering the house there. other than this I have had no problems running these tog...
Collection by Red_Man
Useful stuff only.
Complete Skyrim
Collection by MANDELA
All the best Skyrim mods.
To Be Or Not To Be
Collection by XPlazm3
A collection that will boost your erge to play skyrim again and again until you cant stop playing it, which is understanderble I guess!
Stud Paddock Collection
Collection by Interrobang
Mods to simply make skyrim look feel and act the way you always thought it should. (you MUST have both Hearthfire and Dawnguard DLC's for some of these mods to work properly) I also highly recommend jumping on over to the skyrim nexus
Snakebitten's Skyrim Mod Collection
Collection by Snakebitten
These are the mods I currently use to make Skyrim look and feel even better. Mod Collection Requirements: 1. Has mods that require Dawnguard and Hearthfire DLC's to be installed. 2. The installation of Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) which can be fo...
Wish This Would Work
Collection by Zain890
Incognito's Convenience Collection
Collection by Gray
The following collection gathers a number of mods that, in my own subjective judgment, make playing Skyrim more convenient by adding various features which are direly needed in the game but do not unbalance the gameplay or conflict with each other. The...
Dajje's Mission Essential Mod List
Collection by Shatterstar
Just the mods I use for playing Skyrim.
Skyrim Overhaul
Collection by Jadiii
Debugs, Adds Weapons/Armor/Spells, Better followers, Slight UI changes
Bobowe Collection of Awesome
Collection by PNZ.Bobowe
Its what i use in my skyrim. All these works just fine for me. If you use alot of mods the game may frez and may crash.
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