The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Containing item: "Pegasus and Alicorn Invade Skyrim."
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total skyrim
Collection by: jona
Ahindi's style
Collection by: everett
A mash up of some realy cool mods i liked.
Collection by: Ze_Doctor
Skyrim Mods I want
Collection by: Mintz2520
all the mods I want to get
rideable horses & creatures
Collection by: Alice
Skyrim Stuff
Collection by: Eviltechnomonkey
These are just mods I have found on the Steam Workshop for Skyrim. With the exception of the Proudspire mod I do not actually maintain a save file that uses all of these mods. I prefer to just add them and play with them for a bit before reverting back to...
Collection by: Crimson Angel
This is all the mods that I enjoy using the most. :) Thanks go to the original makers of the mods held within. Don't modify anything held within without first speaking to the original author. Thank you and enjoy!
alicias extrem awesome-version of skyrim...!
Collection by: Alice
This mod is sampling exemplare for more than 160 different skyrim-mods...! The most i`ve tested self, it loads a lot of new smithing weapons and armors, make houses better..., makes new cityes, new spells, new, effects, more enemys, new follages, new foll...
Awesome Stuff
Collection by: claudia.1098
Awesome Stuff that i really think is great to have in Skyrim
Collection by: MrKvaras
Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Tyiarra Marie
Skyrim V Vanilla with Hearthfire DLC & SKSE [No Dawnguard No Dragonborn Expansion] This is a collection geared toward a better gameplay. Included are mods to improve graphics, loot, crafting. Home improvements and decor/ Clothing and Armor with Imp...
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