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Collection of Stuff
Karel's favorite Map Markers mods
Collection by Karel & Raphou
Cartographer's map markers ( more map markers for easy fast travel ), Detailed mine map markers, Detailed dungeon map markers ( quest awerness ), Stone of Barenziah quest markers, Arvak's skull quest markers, Jiub's opus quest markers, Dragonp...
skyrim mods by zordo
Collection by RumpleForeSkin
mods for skyrim
Collection by CrazyAssCC
Things that interest me
Salsa de Dovhaking
Collection by -TopV- Flautiscus el Magnífico
Es a la salsa un dragón manzillado.
Bad memory
Collection by Magnum344
Erm yeah
Dragonborn Refashioned
Collection by HeliosNova
It's the little things that count. These mods include changes and additions to gameplay, AI, textures, skins, etc. Additionally, the goal is to increase surrounding vibrancy without impacting FPS as much as possible. Should be 98% compatible and I'll clea...
skyrim samling
Collection by qoazi
använd nexus och mods: Skyrim Immersive Creatures Immersive Armors Nightingale Prime HD Possessive Corpses no more ...
Collection by Geecop
Lukeskro's Mod Collection
Collection by Deidara
Random mods that I have found while browsing the workshop
shieldi pack
Collection by shield902
Skyrim Fun and Games!
Collection by Not-A-Toaster
The Gameplay Collection
Collection by Cateater
-These mods all work together, and only afect gameplay, they aren't intended to enhance graphics. -You must have the DLCs to run these, there are lite versions if you do not. -I have a 650 ti sc, so you should probably be able to run this without any is...
Skyrim Mods New
Collection by Jinnzela
Collection by artsmart020
Darknite II
Collection by Rowse62
Improved Skyrim EXPERIENCE!
Collection by Canamarth
Collection by WOW
Skyrim - Improvements and add ons
Collection by Khamellleon
This is a collection of my favorite mods for The Elder Scroll V - Skyrim If you like this collection, please feel free to visit the creators of the mods and don´t forget to rate/fav their creations. Take care ^^ Other mods that are not yet ...
Collection by Otakuro
Collection by Yassuac
The BBGG Skyrim Add-on Pack
Collection by BBGG Sly
This pack is a add-on pack for "The BBGG HD Skyrim Pack". The pack adds a bunch of quest's that will give your Skyrim experience longer and more fun. The pack also adds more followers and places for you to visit and have fun in. It also adds things like n...
Mod's I use
Collection by WolfSkull
These are the mods I play with and cannot really play without having installed. They all work nicely together and there is no restarting your game to use them. Good for any kind of Adventurer and play style. I go for the more game lore friendly mods but...
2015 Skyrim collection (Beautiful Graphics, New Soundtrack, Brand New Game)
Collection by ♒ Reggae Shark ♒
This collection was created, to give players a new graphic game with new soundtrack, along with something to give a new experience. - For that mod that add better AI, new encounters, and need like: hunger, thirst, fatige and cold. - The graphical mo...
Skyrim Essentials
Collection by ridleyeater
If you are a beginner at modding Skyrim and don't know where to begin, start with this collection! It contains all the mods that I believe improve the vanilla gameplay without severely altering any gameplay mechanics. I have also linked to other mod colle...
Mods I use
Collection by Monster_Bunny
Mods I find cool
Skyrim's improvements 101
Collection by HibbyHubby [I.G.U]
This is for people who dont want to change the entire game with mods but to make small minor improvements that can easily be uninstalled.
My collection
Collection by declen5000
my mods for my computer
My Mods
Collection by Phijkchu
My mods
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