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Miraak The Second's Mods
Collection by: MiraakTheSecond
The mods I use as Miraak The Second. They are use full, and fun. These mods I strongly recomend.
The Fish Wizard's Essentials
Collection by: Magikarp
A few spells, tools and abilities that every self respecting mystical aquatic life-form wizards should have.
Skyrim RPG
Collection by: jedinomad
The main goal of this collection is to make a Skyrim that functions on the MMORPG level with an immersion feel to it. I've debugged my mods config heavily for functionality and performance. Everytime you see this collection update, it's for a good reason ...
Collection by: skyrim5791
UIV- Ultimate Immortal Vampires
Collection by: ddd
!!!!!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!!!! YOU MUST DOWNLOAD SOME MODS FROM THE NEXUS! THIS PACK ISNT EVEN HALF AS GOOD WITHOUT THEM! MAKE THE LOAD ORDER AS FOLLOWS 1- When Vampires Attack 2- Vampire Crafting 3- Better Vampires by Brehanin 5.65 4/5/6- Vampi...
evil vamps
Collection by: jeff9137
the best modders eva all in 1 easy evil pack ,more will be added ,im very picky of wat goes and wat stays .all works as a bundle ,have fun.
Subscribed Mods 10/1
Collection by: Azrael
I have to unsuscribe from all of my mods so here's the collection of them.
mis addonds
Collection by: doviculus
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