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The Mage's Guide
Collection by: Starkiller86
This is a collection of magic spells, alchemy, enchanting, and soul gem crafting. I couldn't find a collection specificly for mages and magic, so I decided to make one myself.
Knavey's collection
Collection by: [SATPG]Professor Firecatis1
Collection by: [Co.] rilow
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Elderoy
Collection by: raiko4
DISCOVER THE MYSTERIES OF NIRN, LAND OF MANY RACES. high elf, nord, imperial, even the unliked by the aldmeri dominion race, sload. discover what you have never seen before . explore the other countries and regions of Tamriel, including: valenwood else...
Legends Of nirn part 1
Collection by: raiko4
a collection of epic mods. 2 comming soon... i changed the title. instead of tamriel its nirn now cuz nirn is the planet that pyandonea, atmora, tamriel and other places in the game are
Currently Using
Collection by: starlightnv
These are the mods that I use on every character that I create and play through. From Armor Sets to a UI change, everything on Steam that I use is here.
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