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Stevie's Skyrim mod collection
Collection by Killerdude
just what I thought makes the game more worthwile and exciting!
Skyrim Tweaked
Collection by optimus
My Skyrim enhancement mods.
Collection by Kirito
My stuff
Beagle's Stuff
Collection by Beagle
Collection by Foolio Augustus
Laughing Crow's Skyrim Collection
Collection by Laughing Crow
The mods I currently use.
I'm So Sorry
Collection by skyknyt
This is just a random collection of nonsense to send yourself into a tizzy.
Skyrim Utilities
Collection by Ouroboros
New features
KingJuggernaut's Goods
Collection by KingJuggernaut
Only thing you need is SKSE loader....Google it and extract in skyrim folder.
Realism With Comfort
Collection by Dϯh | ProDexorite
It's about the two things I seek of the roleplaying games the most; Realism With Comfort. I would like to keep the game looking as amazing as possible, and making some things more realistic, but also making the game a little bit easier with a couple of mo...
Skyrim Awesome
Collection by RasmusN3XT
Makes the game alot more fun :)
Collection by Woodman®
Lore-friendly mods
Collection by Dawnfyre
A list of lore- and gamefriendly mods witch is going to be exstanded with mods if i find good ones. If you have any ideas,send me.
Kemmis Collection
Collection by TE | Kemmi
Persönliche Sammlung der Mods, welche ich im Moment verwende.
New to skyrim
Collection by SolidNomNomNomSickle
A starting pack of what you should download first
Must Have's
Collection by <=TSL=> Darth Odvind Kyras
A base collection of mods that subtely change Skyrim to a replayable game
Lexis Mods
Collection by Lexis...
Mods die ich nutze
Collection by ThaRock
Subbed Mods
Collection by rabbit
Subbed mods
Sock's Subscribed Stuff
Collection by sox
This is just so I can find the mods I'm subscribed to in the future. None of this shit is mine.
Fethur Skyrim Overhaul
Collection by Fethur
Download the latest SkySE: Download and update workshop mods through the regular .exe then run the game with the SkySE provided .exe.
My Skyrim Downloads
Collection by ReDBaKen9
Just some items i think are really good
Collection by 2+2=4
Collection by crossbones8899
f you
Humanforce Skyrim - für meine Freunde
Collection by humanforce
Only for my friends. Don't expect any informations. ;)
Collection by Shaman
NT's Favorite Skyrim Mods
Collection by Landy
Here is a collection of the current mods I use. I haven't had any issues with all of the mods running at the same time, apart from when removing "Realistic Lightning" mod from the list, the game crashes.
Anthony's Mod Set-up
Collection by anthonypogue85
The Boosack Team
Collection by 25wes25
For team Boosack's use only.
Firebottle's Collection
Collection by Rendiginous
A list of mods used on Firebottle's twitch stream.
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