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The Solitary Wizard
Collection by: animaphotic
Exceptional spells, enchantments, and tweaks for the solitary witch or wizard.
Collection by: jessmeister0070
Skyrim Additions
Collection by: Drac Morte
Skyrim Universal Pack
Collection by: MrMrocznyMisio
This is mod pack for TES V:Skyrim which contains mods created by various modders. It improves graphics, adds new music, NPC's, races, something else and a few tons of items. Happy hunting. Warring! Mods aren't 100% compatible. However, You can play wi...
New Realm in Beta
Collection by: Undeer
This collection isforthe new Realmmod in Beta Mode.
Auroale's Pack
Collection by: autoalex1
Improving Gameplay
My Mod colection
Collection by: _EnderPhoenix_
Collection by: Ohsnapitsdon
Mods used during my show all should work together as seen on youtube in my videos. Have fun and enjoy ^^ I did not create any of these mods. All the mods in this collection will visually enhance your game as well as make it harder.
First Attept
Collection by: maherevan
Collection by: nurb111
nice an easy
tits mcgee
Collection by: thepizzadude8
for dylan
skyrim mods
Collection by: Draculord
Mods to use in Skyrim in the future
Collection by: paizuriprincess
Because I can't subscribe to too many mods this collection will keep them in one place.
Collection by: Phozoh
why not
Collection by: Xanderjk
this a colecton im publishng as its a magic, quest, weapons and armor based cllection with a few utlity mods thrown in to inhance your experiance. as far as i know their arn't any clashes with these mods however something may occer on your game so be car...
great mods V
Collection by: dedarken
to many mods that are sooo great I Love Skyrim..but steam is always having errors :(
Collection by: [T.C.] キラ (equilibrium) <3
Collection by: arnoldchris59
my colection mods
Collection by: jade pone
theas are the mods i use in my skyrim
Collection by: Foolio Augustus
Collection by: ajayw00
Master Smith
Collection by: nicholson_evan
Craft anything you want!
King of Worms
Collection by: * Vulpar *
DG,DB,HF dlc's , Skse + Skyui Are required to play this collectiion , for the Necro-King \ Mage . the darker reward , more to come , plus my Nexus mod list .
Subscribed Mods 10/1
Collection by: Azrael
I have to unsuscribe from all of my mods so here's the collection of them.
Collection by: ex.nihilo
Just mods that I employed before upgrading Skyrim with Hearthfire, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn expansions.
Collection by: ex.nihilo
Just trying new mods with the latest DLC; should all work together } ) > o ) | D ~| ===> ) > o ) }
my collection
Collection by: Th̷e L̷a̵u̵g̛h̢i͞ng Man
skyrim stuff-monsters-weapons-armors-buildings
Collection by: DivineInsanities
buildings,weapons,mounts,magic,follower tweaks
Collection by: Nikshes
Collection by: HazardXXI
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