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Most Immersive Mods In ONE
Collection by: Shiro
A collection of major and minor immersive mods that'll help you make the best of Skyrim without having any impact on the lore.
#SwaggerYoloHipster BatmanVS.Superman Kollection
Collection by: LouisFoshizzle
Better Skyrim
Collection by: [-|C.C.C|-] Royal_Chaos_Magician
For a better Skyrim.^^
Коллекция, графика и звук
Collection by: sv_gravity 700
Добавляет\заменяет только графику и звук
For slim
Collection by: [JPF] Swilleh™
for slim
Dalex collection so far
Collection by: Dalex
mostly graphics
For midgets
Collection by: Dr Atomicpenguin
Sweet mods I enjoy so other can too. All lore friendly and increase the graphics nothing more
Collection by: Spelmyst
A collection of my correct favorites.
make your game better
Collection by: LOVElasov [UA]
Collection by: BlindFury
My Fav mods that work well with Hearthfire
brau collection 01
Collection by: brau
mods that i like so far
Base Mods
Collection by: SPETSNAZ-774
Basic mods I use on steam.
Meine Mischung
Collection by: Prazaar
Hier mal alle meine Aktiven mods für alle die es mal testen wollen :)
Skyrim Mods Armor SUPREMO
Collection by: KennedY
Improvements to the Skyrim
Collection by: DeltaTwoZero
Some of this mods you may find interesing or you may not. Anyway, I made it for people who wants to make Skyrim even more marvelous. These mods have some graphic changes, sounds or landscape. Maybe some of them add new items to the game, changing some que...
Skyrim Mod Pack (Some of the best if you ask me.)
Collection by: ჯ Serafina ჯ
Just a random colelction of mods, nothing special
Daniel Sexton's Skyrim remix
Collection by: thekillbott
Stuff I like, things that are neat.
Collection by: Itadakimasu
Pleins de mods !
sqrt of yams' Personal Collection
Collection by: sqrt of yams
The mods I personally find to add a lot to the game without breaking the lore or gameplay. Most mods are intended to make skyrim more realistic and difficult. You may need a higher end computer to run all mods. I also highly recommend two mods, to be a...
Beauty Skyrim
Collection by: Killerninja24
Skyrim +
Collection by: (K.D.G) MexicanMalware
I'm too lazy to make a Nexus Mods account, so yeah.
All Better Mods (Todos os Melhores Mods)
Collection by: Jack Pimposo
É um pack de todos os Mods legais que encontrei na oficina, tudo devidamente testado e aprovado, usem e deem o feedback do que é necessário ou desnecessário! Valeu! It is a pack of all the best mods I found on the workshop, tested and approved, use...
Wolvis mod pack
Collection by: Wolvi666
Rocketboot fave
Collection by: RocketBootRaptor
My stuff
Collection by: There's no escaping Shrek
Dovahbears Personal Modpack.
Collection by: Dovahbear
A modpack that I use when I play skyrim. A lore friendly mod pack. I love it! I decided to make it all into a mod pack since my friend was going to get skyrim as well. I do not take the credit of making the mods, you can see their names to the right. ...
Skyrim Enhancer
Collection by: Rietneger
oleX Skyrim Elements
Collection by: Olek 富翁
Here i tried to put the most important Skyrim modifications and addons.
TES V: Skyrim - Mods
Collection by: Raygee
Keemafs skyrim
Collection by: keemaf
Die besten mods für älter rechner windows 7 AMD Athlon (tm) II x3 425 Processor 2,70 Ghz Ram 4 GB Systemtyp 64 bit und ne Nvidia G-Force GTX 460 mit hoher auflösung und niedrigen Schatten
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