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make skyrim as immersive as possible
Collection by TAKATOOSE
these mods make your game beutiful i love these mods they make the game so much more realistic and immersive (heres a tip if you have a perfect capture card that doesnt lag from big things then get dat grass mod if you dont have a perfect captures card ge...
The 'Better Skyrim' Collection
Collection by gladBats
This appears to be getting a little bit more popular so I want to give a heads up to anyone who happens to use this collection: Make sure you have at least Dawnguard! I don't know which mods exactly, but many of them require Dawnguard to play ): I real...
Skyrim Refined Pack
Collection by Xilirite
This is the set of mods I use in order to refine the game without changing it drastically (There are a few mods that stand out more than others, however) This collections includes sharpening up textures, making environments more lush and bright, revamp...
Convenience Tweaks
Collection by Team Vladof
Mods to fix minor issues, annoyances, inconveniences, and/or to make the game easier. Some of these are definitely cheats, because I like to play a "touristy" game of Skyrim. So, pick-n-choose as you see fit.
Shpongle's Mods
Collection by Shpongle
Enhance gameplay, graphics, and sound. Lore friendly.
Collection by Grislars
Collection by FrydHamstr
For friends.
Sent's Skyrim Enhancement
Collection by Sent
A collection of the best mods for enhancing your Skyrim experience.
all my shit.
Collection by Blood-Eagle
Vanilla Improvements
Collection by Oblivionburn
A set of essential mods for simply making the game more awesome in a way that naturally fits with what is already there. I have aimed to improve the game, not break it. -No DLC's required- -No cheat mods-
Gurkoz Enhancement Collection
Collection by gurkoz
A collection of the best mods to enhance both graphic and audio qualities without breaking any game mechanics.
Mods for MLM
Collection by EchoHawk
Hannas Mods
Collection by Wingsuiten
Morboth's Vanilla Improvement Project
Collection by Morboth
Well, ladies and gentlemen: you have stumbled upon my Vanilla Improvement Project. Bear this in mind: this collection aims not to revamp, overhaul or alter in any significant way the way Skyrim works. Instead, its purpose is to polish those rough features...
Ryan's Essentials
Collection by ryanthames
Mods that I absolutely need now that I've gotten used to them.
Skyrim improved
Collection by The Big Boi Banditos
My attempt to improve on everything I felt was wrong with skyrim.
Collection by Garrus MD
Collection by ice_cobra82
Skyrim - PlaTooN
Collection by PlaTooN
Spunk monkey
Collection by Salty The Pirate
zac subscribe to this one. LOve Dan
Improved Graphics with High FPS
Collection by Wingsuiten
Made for Felix The picture is not ingame footage
My personal Skyrim collection
Collection by Nirvana
Feare's Addons
Collection by Spike
My shit
Collection by SoulTechNameI
MLG HIt the blunt collection
Arqi Collection
Collection by Arqi
For me!
Collection by Hellcore
Essential contents Skyrim
Nynros Skyrim Mods
Collection by Nynros Vorlon
My very personal collection of skyrim mods
Immersion and Gameplay
Collection by Alpha 5
This is my selection of gameplay and immersion improving mods.
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