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Containing item: "Conjurable Chest + Crafting Furniture Spells"
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Skyrim Mods - Immersion Enhancing & General Improvements
Collection by: noc
**Dawnguard, Hearthfire, & Dragonborn ARE required for SOME of the mods in this collection**
Mods that enhance but not destroy skyrym
Collection by: Noobgamer1
This collection is purly designed at increasing the quests and loot and items and hours spent in game BUT without make you god.You can pick and choose since there are 100 + mod so PICK YOUR CHOICE OF AWESOMNES. Now some of my mods also come from nexis mod...
The Fish Wizard's Essentials
Collection by: Magikarp
A few spells, tools and abilities that every self respecting mystical aquatic life-form wizards should have.
Basic Skyrim Mods
Collection by: MasterSpike
My first and Favorite collection of Skyrim Mods. All The Mods Should Work Together. Adds 25 New Mods.
my mods
Collection by: Keithlor
The Random Assortment of Awesome!
Collection by: Shadow Spark
Well this collection was made just because i felt bored, and whenever i wanted to get a mod from the skyrim nexus, it wouldn't work with any workshop items :(. I made this just becuase i wanted to compensate for all my lost stuff because let me tell you i...
Collection by: YoGGs
Asdasdfasfkaslfjaslfkj Okay?
Collection by: Dr. Antagonist
Mage Mods
Collection by: Arse Raptor
Mods for mages
My Favs
Collection by: teque3000
Skyrim colection
Collection by: Communist lobster
my own colection for personal use (i was to lazy to chose and or make actual icons.... so spore and mario)
tech-boy fav mods
Collection by: tech-boy
mod i like
tech-boy skyrim world
Collection by: tech-boy
my skyrim mod pack i love to use
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