The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Higher Level Gameplay
Collection by: H2n4 Flu
One of Skyrim's major flaws is that the gameplay is boring at higher levels. Even the most powerful enemies are easily defeated at level 30. You have so much gold, you could literally buy everything every merchant in the game owns. You've collected every ...
Best of skyrim
Collection by: Jdemonify
Here is my favourite list of Skyrim mods. This list NEED NEWEST SKSE installed. So yeah. Graphical mods gameplay improved mods overhaul mods (smithing and skills) randoms.
A little pack for me and my friend :P
Collection by: TheDeadRumor
what i use
Collection by: Typis
just the mods i use from workshop
Auroale's Pack
Collection by: autoalex1
Improving Gameplay
my mods
Collection by: Magaion
mods im saveing incase i want them again
Skyrim Fixing Essentials
Collection by: Not Rekt ☐; Rekt ☑
Mods that pretty much resolve or lessen the game's largest issues. I recommended subscribing to all of these to improve your experience, whilst keeping the lore in tact.
Collection by: DizzyDolphin
Phlons skyrim mods
Collection by: Phlons
these are the mods that Phlons uses to play skyrim.
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