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MeloNs Collection
Collection by MeloN
Just a collection of Graphics, Gameplay, UI, Audio and overall improvement mods
Evinid Eden's Mod Compilation
Collection by EvinidEden
Just a compilation of a bunch of mods I have been using while I play skyrim
Collection by Abein
Woof. For Adam.
Rippleeffect's Current Collection
Collection by rippleeffect
Just my current subscribed mods. Mostly graphics upgrades and fixes. Running on an i7-2700k @4.8ghz GTX 680 4GB Hydrocopper 1920x1080 8xQ 4xSS pretty solid 60fps Warning, its very dark since night is, you know... dark
My own Skyrim
Collection by Thai
Various tweaks I use
Collection by wonk wonk
Various tweaks I use to make the game generally more enjoyable. Ranges from neat little things to huge graphical overhauls.
Slahinki's Mods
Collection by Slahinki
The mods I currently use.
G&Ks Collection
Collection by Kerrin
Collection by Carnelian
Sir Gunny's Skyrim Collection
Collection by .[VA] Jack [VF&L]
These are some of the mods I use that don't change the game all that much, they're just visual tweaks that I think makes the game feel more like Skyrim should have felt like.
Toxaris Collection
Collection by toxaris
Just my collection, mostly graphics stuff and better RP.
My S T U F F
Collection by Jorrall
Collection by [B.M.O] CrazyPig (1)
Makes it fun to actually walk around in Skyrim. Extremely immersive.
Collection by TheEscapizt
Max's Collection
Collection by Grimhog
My collection of mods
The Official Fuse collection - improveing gameplay and graphics
Collection by Mr.Leaf
This pack has been tested and tested to create a brilliant collection of mods into one. It turns skyrim into a stunning land of graphical orgasims. It adds brilliant ui and a load of weapons and features.
Skyrim Enhancement Bundle
Collection by Mark
This is a collection of (mostly) graphial improvements to enhance Skyrim's playthrough experience. There are some gameplay mods included, but it's all lore-friendly.
My Sub'ed Mods
Collection by VoiceOfDecember
These are the ones I have
Collection by Salien
MinesBigger's Graphical Compilation
Collection by Elandrian
Just my collection of mods for Skyrim. It's a group of mods that will enhance the graphics and in some cases, the gameplay, of Skyrim.
Knight's selections
Collection by [GD]Knight
Selection of good graphics + sound + bug fix updates. Should not affect the gameplay in any way but contains much items to make the game look, sound and work better. Running fine with GTX470 after defragging the game directory from hard drive.
Collection by ViGiL
My personal collection
Collection by Rick Hunter
RuneKittens mods
Collection by RuneKitten
These are the mods I use incase any one wants to see them
Etch's Collection
Collection by Etch-e-Sketch
A collection of mods that I run with.
Collection by ihatelag2001
My Favorite Mods
Collection by Noctura
A collection of mods I enjoy.
Beautiful Skyrim
Collection by Moz
This is my own personal collection of visual/audio tweaks. No added content here.
Mod's that make Skyrim more fun and immersive.
Collection by G3NUINE Chief
A mix match of things that make skyrim all the more fun. : )
Lozzer's ModPack
Collection by Yung_Meistro
A bunch of really fun gameplay mods which remain fairly true to skyrim's lore while adding entertaining new mechanics to the game.
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