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Collection by: dj_busca92
You Need DawnGuard and SKSE
Collection by: The_FPS_Kid
The best collection of them all.
my shit
Collection by: toonit
Skyrim Enhancer
Collection by: Rietneger
Collection by: Bender3546
My current configuration
My Awesome Collection
Collection by: Champagne
All of these mods work together and shouldn't cause any issues. A couple of mods are from the Skyrim Nexus and I'll link them below. You must have all the DLC or some of these mods WILL NOT WORK, and may also cause issues such as CTD (crashing to desktop)...
Jeeps mod collection
Collection by: Jeep91
My personal mods
Mouse's Favorite Skyrim Mods
Collection by: TheDoctorMouse
the ones I like
My stuff
Collection by: R.I.P: Kitty0706, we miss you.
Better Skyrim Graphic
Collection by: dan332001
Diese Kollektion verbessert die Grafik von Skyrim. Einige Bugs und Fehler werden durch diese Kollektion behoben, aber haupsächlich spezialisiert sie sich auf die Grafik. Wer denkt oder weiß das er einen nicht so guten Computer hat sollte sich auf einige...
Skyrim Extreme
Collection by: Mr Jonas
This is my complete collection of mods that I use on skyrim. Includes graphical mods, magic mods and much more!
Hur skrym blir snyggt
Collection by: Lasagnete ┻━┻︵ \(°□°)/ ︵ ┻━┻
Collection by: Sir Dolphious
Gatik Master PlayList
Collection by: Silver
I just need to make a collection so a friend could see my mod list.
Collection by: Platinum
Just my collection of mods for friends who want to improve their skyrim experience
Skyrim Mod Collection
Collection by: KniGhTFaLL
A mix of the best mods that you can find on the Skyrim Workshop. WARNING: some of those mods aren't compatible each other!!
Vampire Deity
Collection by: kitkowski3
*Requires Dawnguard* So you have Dawnguard, but why does it matter when you transform into the equivalent of a 90 year old man attempting assualt on Tyler Durden( Fight Club). It's ASININE!!!! Soo I put these mods together to make that 90 year old man...
Umbra's Realism (Graphic Edition)
Collection by: Umbra Domini
This is a collection of mods that I use to enhance the graphic quality of my gameplay.
dat collection
Collection by: CASHMONEY
itsXthomasTAG's TES: V mod collection
Collection by: itsXthomasTAG
itsXthomasTAG's TES: V mod collection is nothing more than a simple collection of the mods that several people including myself have made, that i use on a regular basis in-game. I take no credit for the mods made by the other authors, i only take credit f...
Skyrim Frankie
Collection by: Alwein
Creada para Piy.
Skyrim Mod Pack
Collection by: Antonio Vivaldi
The Mods I am currently using in Skyrim.
My Favorite List (50-60 fps with HD7870 no Crashes)
Collection by: PvTPaula0710
Realism No Death
Collection by: [CAKE] Robo McBeefpunch
A whole new way to experience Skyrim. You die, you delete the save. Must be played on master difficulty.
Skyrim enhantcement
Collection by: ExSlaught
Note: This mod has a lot of texture mods, it WILL slaugther your FPS if your PC can not take it, simply turn the texture mods off - also use the Skyrim HD texture pack you can download under DLC section, if you do not want it please take the log fix mod o...
Better Skyrim
Collection by: propa(ngas)ganda
with sharpshooter ENB mod
HD Improvements
Collection by: BorisPeace
This is a collection of mods that work together fine, and works with vanilla Skyrim and all the DLCs (Hearthfire, Dawnguard and Dragonborn). I don't really like mods that affect gameplay, I like these mods that alter the graphics, which gives the players ...
Collection by: Ix26
Collection by: Because I'm Batman
how it should look onlys
xSaMsoN Collection
Collection by: کamson <CORSAIR>
My Collection :3
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