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Den ultimate list
Collection by Omnibox
Beautiful Safe Almost Vanilla Playing
Collection by Tul Thunderhead
My personal mods collection, with things that make the game prettier and more interesting.
Slaking1337's Skyrim Steam Workshop Mod Collection V2
Collection by Slaking1337
This is a much more tame version of my origional collection for people who only want a visual bump and minor "fixes" for the more laid back player who enjoys the story more than the challenge. Armor- Adds more armor, upgrades and powers along eith new ...
Rivers Favorites
Collection by M2RiverRat
Just a collection of my favorite mods
Collection by Mr.Chris
A Kollektion, that gives you a different Gameplay Experience°
Alex's Mod Pack
Collection by AeonsAlex
The modpack I currently use!
Mom collection
Collection by Viper1956DL
A collection of mods for mom
Joe's Mods
Collection by Jofuzz
Now with 30% more mods!
Skyrim Mod Pack
Collection by Winged Fury
The Mods I am currently using in Skyrim.
Creepsley's Mods
Collection by Frodo
Random Mods
Commander Shepards Collection
Collection by [VG] Nikita
Samufugu Working Mods
Collection by Frisky ( ゚ヮ゚)
Currently working mods that don't crash.
KittyAng3l's Mod Collection
Collection by KittyANG3L
These are all the mods I am running, including some others i will list here in the description. SKSE : Elin mod : Poet follower : http://...
[FR] Amélio Graphique & Cie
Collection by keket87 Zkuhh
Un petit pack de mods sympathiques, tous compatibles entre eux. Pour que les améliorations graphiques de l'herbe soient prises en compte il faut : ¤ Aller dans C:\Users\VotreNomDeSession\Documents\My Games\Skyrim (Autrement dit : Mes Documents\My ...
Hot Dickins
Collection by Lee Harvey Oswald
Hot all night long
DVoX's Super fantastic happy time skyrim collection
Collection by DVoX
Collection by CiLLiS WiLLiS
This is a collection of mods that help make Skyrim a better ROLE playing game. These mods are meant to make Skyrim feel like a real place and not some action sandbox at your disposal. Only for true roleplayers.
Mods I Use
Collection by Ninja
These are all the mods I use. Mostly visual, some improvements to inventory weight and various bug fixes.
Collection by DuckMemes
makes skyrim not look shit
Javier Sagittarius
Collection by Tyke
Troubles in paradise..
iKindred's Essentials
Collection by iKindred
All credit goes to the mod authors this is just a compilation so I can share with my friends. Requires SKSE (
Joppy's Skyrim
Collection by Tyke
Full Skyrim 101
The best skyrim Graphics mods ! ( all work togther)
Collection by Joeotoole99
This Graphic mod set is the best so far i have been playing skyrim a while and these are the best mods for it that ilike I have a GTX 650 and a haswell icore i5 processsor and i can run all of these now lag what so ver so it should be easy for the high...
Nothing Special!
Collection by ஜ۩۞Smothgar۞۩ஜ
Better Skyrim
Collection by DAJU
What i use to make Skyrim a better place.
Collection by ||VM:RP|| Dorag
Gr8 B8 M8 this one's for K8
My Favorite List (50-60 fps with HD7870 no Crashes)
Collection by PvTPaula
That one collection by that guy
Collection by TheOneSockWonder
Collection by RonaldRaygun
Сборник популярных модов
Collection by Ramsay Bolton
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