The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Wolf's Basic Modification Collection
Collection by: Wolfcp
A set of mods that enhance the base game of Skyrim. Together, these mods: Quash hundreds of bugs Add a variety of atmospheric sounds Reform the Interface to be more PC friendly Enhance the weather system Add craftable camping tools Add and diversi...
My Mods
Collection by: Bastard Man
Collection by: Studmaster
My Stuff
Collection by: Chisan
Just my personal stuff.
Draigar Mod Collection
Collection by: Draigar
My Mods
Collection by: Party Goat
various mods i personally use
Hooray's Picks
Collection by: [TACO] Hooray the Hooligan
Graphics overhauls and lore friendly mods. No game breakers. No spidermans or lightsabers. Nothing silly.
Light Era
Collection by: Chuck
mods that light era uses
Shatyar sécuritaire
Collection by: tishaw_
Shatyar risquée
Collection by: tishaw_
Re Install
Collection by: Tony Bagadonuts
For Re Installation
Lu Bu's
Collection by: L.A. Gore
For the Moon.
Collection by: Juicysensations
Collection by: Mustache
Collection by: Bobbiloff
Lozzer's ModPack
Collection by: LozzerGaming
A bunch of really fun gameplay mods which remain fairly true to skyrim's lore while adding entertaining new mechanics to the game.
Kaizu's Collection of Realism, Extras and Enchancements
Collection by: f0xy -lft ツ
Skyrim overall mods for better experience
Collection by: Jonihilator
A Bunch of mods that improves gameplay and graphics. Combined with SPERG and locational damage. The collection creates great opportunity to play as a shaman
Role playing
Collection by: Connermd
You know RP
Recon's Guide
Collection by: Recon
For use with my guide. Links coming soon.
My Skyrim Experience
Collection by: I_L_C
stuff i want...
Collection by: C00R3YY
JamesGaming100's Best Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Nignog
These are my favorite mods for Skyrim and I simply cannot do without them!
nice mods
Collection by: pb590
Yenma91 World
Collection by: yenma91
Quests, Places, Followers and Other Great Mods
Collection by: Centurion
These are a bunch of great mods that I use all the time. A bunch of them are places/quests, some are some really useful followers (mostly Khajiit), and finally, others are just some other great or useful mods that are lots of fun.
Mods I Use
Collection by: Chaseung
Stuff I Use.
Must Have Mods
Collection by: Godkat
These are just some mods I highly recommend. I put this together for a friend who is new to the use of mods and wanted somewhere to start. This collection includes things like weapons/armors/houses/spells and various gameplay or visual tweaks that ...
Collection by: Not Beta
Uricons' collection
Collection by: Uricon
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