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My Mods to keep recorded
Collection by Onyx
This collection is for me to keep track of my mods installed. I made none of these so feel free to look up the individual mods.
The Boosack Team
Collection by 25wes25
For team Boosack's use only.
My mods
Collection by Littleevil
My general gameplay mods
Collection by andyhakes
Personal Essentials
Collection by Juicebox
Basic Enchancing Gameplay Tweaks and Fixes Mods
Collection by RedDeBlu
A handful of mods that don't drastically change the game, but rather changes little things here and there to improve the experience, such as interface, maps and markers, and making the horses abit faster and thus more useful just to name a few.
Kemiko Collection
Collection by Kem!ko |CaLF
A more cinematic experience that adds greatly to Skyrim without changing any core features.
Fusionpoo's Collection
Collection by fusionpoo
My personal collection of mods. Covers lighting graphics and overhauls.
Collection by Lorenor Zorro
Better Skyrim
Collection by Eltreum
Collection of fixes and improvements to the game, be it graphical or gameplay related.
Wraitox seine Kollektion
Collection by Wraitox
Mr Herp Derp am Werk
Collection by DoDoDon
Lore-Friendly Awesomesauce Collection
Collection by Hououin
A collection of pretty much all lore friendly mods that will make Skyrim loads better.
EletroBull's Collection
Collection by Eletro Bull
Mods I use.
Skyrim Collection - A Better Game
Collection by Kukrunar
A collection of Mods I can Recommend to others!
Graphics to the max
Collection by CanadianBacon
Collection by sgt.rosenfield
These are the mods I use, I think these mods really add to the game with out making you have to cheat to enjoy it.
Pizza Delivery
Collection by Bull Sugar
Just some pizza
Collection by GeekyBones
My shiny Skyrim
Collection by OwlMan
Stuff I
Mine mods
Collection by Hyborem
En samling av modifikasjonene jeg bruker.
Collection by Dionysos
my favourites skyrim mods
Collection by kisame
juste the mods i like....
Alchanii's Junk
Collection by Alchanii R. Patreon
In-case anyone wonders all of what I use. I must note, though: Just because you can hit "subscribe all" on this collection, doesn't mean you should completely trust me to the point of not using BOSS, or just not wondering if, say "That's Ice" and "Rea...
Goblin's Skyrim 2.0
Collection by GoblinClock
A bunch of mods that I feel Improves the game greatly. THe collection keeps the game mostly intact but adds things like better quality visuals, sounds and the like as well as a few new armor and weapons a few folowers and craftable arrows. Just a enhancem...
Lore Friendly Mods for Friends
Collection by Kudo
Most of the mods i use to enhance the basegame (doesnt include the graphical mods i use).
Claus _Lore-friendly collection
Collection by claus.hammer
Graphics and sound mods with game improving aspects
Collection by Warminator
This colllection includes a large amount of mods that all run nicely with each other. This mods will be quite graphicly demanding therefore you will need a enhanced computer if you do not want to suffer FPS problems. In this collections indicated by the ...
Penguin's gameplay enhancements
Collection by Pallas
Just a collection of the various gameplay tweaks I've picked up across my travels. Enjoy!
Pebbleofwrath's collection
Collection by Zodiac
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