The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Carbo's Skyrim Collection
Collection by: JoeyCarbo
80+ mods, workling fluently. Contains most top all-time mods packed together so that they all work. -Sound overhaul -Nature -Graphics -Quests
Collection by: ButtPleasure
Collection by: ButtPleasure
it haz mawd 4 u 2 luk @
My Favorite Skyrim Collection
Collection by: vladi21krav
A collection of mods that I have assembles for myself.
Enhanced Skyrim
Collection by: Jesus Christoph
Just minor changes and bugfixes, nothing that changes the gameplay dramatically. Includes graphical improvements, minor tweaks, nicer cities and much more! And the mods work together perfectly!
Börjes smått å gått
Collection by: Niglet
Collection by: D'Addario
Collection by: DerMaxim
The mods I have that are indeed pretty good.
Collection by: Shadow Man
My chosen ones
Collection by: Kikkenborg
These are my, for the moment, favorite mods. I usually go mods which doesn't outbalance the game too much.
Honky's Collection
Collection by: Honky
Collection of my fav mods
Alien's Collection
Collection by: Alien316
This collection is all the mods I currently use to date.
matt909's collection
Collection by: matt909
Ploglo's Immersion Collection
Collection by: Ploglo
For Jordan, enjoy an actually rp'able version of Skyrim.
BigDickMystic's Skyrim "Pushing the limits" ModPack
Collection by: BigDickMystic
A collection of 100+ Graphics Mods, With a few of my personal favorites in there ;)
Better Gameplay and Immersion
Collection by: Ryukishi
my skyrim collection
Collection by: Bagpuss
stuff I am using, have used or want to use
Collection by: DerMaxim
My skyrim collection
Collection by: Djarthas
Just for my friends to see.
Collection by: dermedicus1
Finish Up Junk
Collection by: Lagman John
Legendry Skyrim Final
Collection by: Ransom Seraph
Collection by: Captain Chirac
All my favs
Collection by: Mad Jack Churchill
Nates random assortment
Collection by: Sythonate
For Jack~
Nates Starter Kit (No Conflictions)
Collection by: Sythonate
Random assortment of mods that made my gameplay experience better. ~for Jack because I couldn't be assed linking them all
Dirty Skyrim
Collection by: Ew Dirt
Personal pack
Collection by: Ruden
The Good King's Skyrim Experience
Collection by: {GKG} The Good King
These are the mods i enjoy using for skyrim! Most of the mods i use add more end game content, make the game harder or better in ways, make the world of skyrim more dynamic and i try to keep from adding mods that allow you to easily exploit the game. Thi...
Stuff and Things
Collection by: Gramps
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