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My Setup
Collection by Arod Snaux
My collection of mods, built for immersion, usefulness and beauty, while still being able to maintain 50+ fps and no crashing.
Mods I Use
Collection by Ninja
These are all the mods I use. Mostly visual, some improvements to inventory weight and various bug fixes.
BamBam's Collection of Rather Enjoyable Things
Collection by Goose of Satan
Just a collection of the mods I have subcribed to and cannot bear to part with. Just a sword or two, some toy soldiers, and some other nice things.
all my shit.
Collection by Blood-Eagle
Jolly's Skyrim
Collection by [=T=] Jolly
Half of the stuff Jolly uses. Updated Dec 14, 2013.
Ageraks Collection
Collection by Agerak
This is a collection of mods that I used before I let my GF upload whatever she wanted...
my mods :D
Collection by Seba
IMMERSIVE ARMORS IMMERSIVE WEAPONS calientes vanilla outfits for CBBE combined pack calientes female body mod big bottom npc clothes changer and maintainer multiple marriages spouses wyrmstooth spanish a quality world map sleep wait menu 48 hours
My standard collection
Collection by passionfly1
Standard UI fix mods
Ace's Prefered 40k mods
Collection by ace101
Skyrim 40k is all well and good, and yet parts of it are really off to me, so i decided to make a pack of my own.
Suggestions for PLUR
Collection by Locke
Because headaches.
Collection by roji4
A collection of Steam Modifications to Skyrim that are non-negotiable, and I deem essential to my play-throughs.
Skyrim things
Collection by AdamSmiley1996
My mods
Collection by Aaron117
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