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Slaking1337's Skyrim Steam Workshop Mod Collection (Not to be used with the Dawnguard expansion)
Collection by: DDD Gaming YT
This is a collection of mods to increase the visual appeal, difficulty, and overall effectiveness of your experiance in Skyrim while fixing some minor bugs. These mods in this collection improve upon and are not limited to: Armor- Adds more armor, upgr...
The Nox Collection
Collection by: Noxas
My personal collection of mods, none interfere with each other as far as I can tell. This has been put up due to popular demand from my friends. Some of these mods have requirements such as SKSE, please make sure you have the correct programs installed...
This Black Guy In Jail
Collection by: CLG xHamster
Please help me... He's staring at my ass...
Tweaks for Gameplay/Graphics
Collection by: HaiNowai
Just tweaks to make gameplay more fun (for me) and make Skyrim prettier.
Nightbender's Collection for Friends
Collection by: Nightbender
Just a collection for my friends to try out new mods easily. All mods in the list should work together. *Meant for core game. Additional mod arrangment needed if you have the DLCs. Do not forget to perfom the extra installs/actions that are required...
The Elder Scrolls
Collection by: Et Satan conduit le bal!
TheKilla Kollektion
Collection by: CaptainPiul
The Tamriel Trials Endorsed Mods
Collection by: Hayduke
These mods are those tested and unofficially "endorsed" by the T3 team for use in The Trials. As always, T3 does not, can not, and will not regulate what mods the individual uses, but should you need suggestions, look no further. It is worth noting tha...
mine 2
Collection by: Omega
Theobald's Workshop Extracts
Collection by: Theobald
real skyrim
Collection by: TheCannibal
these mods help make skyrim feel more real and more like an elder scrolls game
A Very Good Collection
Collection by: An Arm Chair
My favorited mods to provide slight balances and tweaks to the game. Good for mod suggestions.
AC46 - Skyrim Boilerplate Patches Pack
Collection by: Aaria Carter-Weir
Basic boilerplate patches to fix up the really annoying parts of the game.
Collection by: Binksy
A* Result
Collection by: XPlazm3
My Subscribed Mod Collection
Collection by: Vipes
Every single mod I have subscribe to (except Headbomb's Better Sorting Mod and Skyrim Online) is listed hear for friends and strangers alike. When Skyrim Online is finished, and people are allowed to create their own servers, if you want to play on min...
For the wizard in us all
Collection by: bluemonke1
Extensive mods that modify combat in a multiple of ways, adding dificulty to the combat and making it more diverse with new and different weapons. Mods that add many many spells to the game, namily conjuring. Start the game anywhere you basicaly want, and...
Recommended Mods
Collection by: [O4CE] Uber Cheesy Goodness
The Assassin Stone
Collection by: XPlazm3
All The Assassin things you wil need all you have to do is activate the Assassin Stone and it can all be yours. ( NOT COMPATIBLE WITH DRAGONBORN ) By -Sharp-Eye->
Skyrim To An Action Game
Collection by: zkratt
Experimental, pretty chaotic collection of excellent mods. An attempt to make Skyrim deliver more of a fast paced action experience. Damage is significantly increased so combat is more intense. You both take and deal allot greater damage. There are far mo...
Collection by: Vargas
Yes, the title is an acronym, which stands for: Vargas Steaming Hot Skyrim Mod Collection. In this collection you're looking at 100+ mods that adds everything from new items to enhanced textures etc. I do wish to point out the fact that I've not b...
realisctic skyrim 101
Collection by: jdog2468
the most realistic skyrim collection i could make. BIG thx to all you who made the mods without u guys this would be VERY hard
Mods I Use
Collection by: Chaseung
Stuff I Use.
Estel necessary must have mods
Collection by: Estel
Mods I don´t play with out them.
Mods Im Currently Using
Collection by: Sir Nombles
As The Title Saiz
Derp Derp Derp
Collection by: Feran Giall
Awesome McSexy
Collection by: Nuckollz
Backup of my mods
Collection by: The Friendly Satanist
Im going to delete this I just need it up for a fix
Grey's Quick Picks
Collection by: Grey Acumen
For private use.
joels mods
Collection by: Avartes
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