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Skyrim balanced and enhanced
Collection by CatDad500
A collection of mods to balance and enhance skyrim. You will need skyrim script extender for everything to work.
My perfect skyrim
Collection by Scribes
Something i wiped up from my favorite mods
Collection by DoDoDon
Lore-Friendly Awesomesauce Collection
Collection by Hououin
A collection of pretty much all lore friendly mods that will make Skyrim loads better.
Hooray's Picks
Collection by [TACO] Hooray the Hooligan
Graphics overhauls and lore friendly mods. No game breakers. No spidermans or lightsabers. Nothing silly.
Pancake Mafia selection
Collection by Miniexadoor
look a koala
My Skyrim Mods
Collection by Lightofzion
A collection of my personally selected mods from Steam's Workshop.
Goblin's Skyrim 2.0
Collection by GoblinClock
A bunch of mods that I feel Improves the game greatly. THe collection keeps the game mostly intact but adds things like better quality visuals, sounds and the like as well as a few new armor and weapons a few folowers and craftable arrows. Just a enhancem...
Collection by born2roar
Collection by ☠RAIDER☠
Realistic shiznit
Mods Im Currently Using
Collection by Sir Nombles
As The Title Saiz
It should have been in skyrim.
Collection by ~Exile~
Collection of things that really should have been in the game to begin with.
Skyrimmersion: The Best Mods on the Workshop
Collection by Athay
I've been downloading mods since launch, and between Steam Workshop and Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) I've compiled what I think are the best ones every Skyrim player should try. Most of these add to the world Bethesda built, and give a greater sense of immersi...
Zaebo´s Mods
Collection by Zaebos [es]
Los mods que uso para compartir con amigos.
Deadmonk3's Top Picks
Collection by Time Monkey
My favorite Mods from various catagories on the Steam Workshop. Most of the mods improve the look and feel of Skyrim but there may be some that do even more.
OPNerd's Essentials
Collection by OP Nerd
Just the stuff I use.
Mine mods
Collection by Hyborem
En samling av modifikasjonene jeg bruker.
stuff 01
Collection by targaryen26
various stuff
* Simplicity Personified *
Collection by Haya-jii-san
Some simple mods for the average RP-er Enjoy ...
For you ollie
Collection by YZ117
Me Gusta Mods
Collection by Cat Stache
Muh Mods!
Vittkid's Collection
Collection by Vittie
The Game Now Is 50% Better
Pelzo 1
Collection by prebsdorf
Pelzos Samling
Odds and Ends - other mods to enhance the game
Collection by Ace Skym
These are various mods that can be added to enhance random parts of the game such as interface or even horses.
Authentic Skyrim
Collection by vanatas
These mods add a dose of realism to the Skyrim world.
A Better Skyrim
Collection by WereWolfie619
Just a put together collection of Workshop items that don't necessarily change the overall gameplay, but enhance certain aspects of the game. There's DragonBone armor, but no DragonBone weapons. There's Plenty of arrows kicking about, but you can't make...
Kelso's Old Mod Collection
Collection by Kelso
This was my old Skyrim mod collection that grew a bit too large for comfort. It also included a range of mods from the Skyrim Nexus, bringing the total to about 300 mods, which was quite ridiculous. Most of them just worked staright off the bat, but some ...
Fixing Skyrim
Collection by Chromehawk_xP
Aiming to create a better Skyrim
My Skyrim Mods I Use
Collection by luohg oykot
i use these for my skyrim games
Skyrim Mods for Cyr
Collection by Cyradis314
To organize the mods I have subscribed, or am considering.
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