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Containing item: "Arrowsmith: Vanilla Edition v.3d"
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Collection by: 【クォート】
Collection by: pannikattack
A collection of mods to enhance sound, looks and functionality of the vanilla skyrim - Many thanks the respective uploaders of these great mods! NB! skyrim script extender is required for the best use, as I have included SkyUI and Item Sorting Get i...
Collection by: DoDoDon
Lore-Friendly Awesomesauce Collection
Collection by: Louis
A collection of pretty much all lore friendly mods that will make Skyrim loads better.
Hooray's Picks
Collection by: [TACO] Hooray the Hooligan
Graphics overhauls and lore friendly mods. No game breakers. No spidermans or lightsabers. Nothing silly.
Pancake Mafia selection
Collection by: Miniexadoor
look a koala
My Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Lightofzion
A collection of my personally selected mods from Steam's Workshop.
Zaebo´s Mods
Collection by: Zaebos [es]
Los mods que uso para compartir con amigos.
Deadmonk3's Top Picks
Collection by: Time Monkey
My favorite Mods from various catagories on the Steam Workshop. Most of the mods improve the look and feel of Skyrim but there may be some that do even more.
Skrim Misc Collection
Collection by: 109leonidas
Mods i use
Collection by: WedgieEvans
Collection by: Dr. Fnord
Testing Some mods :D
Collection by: Christophen
I'm testing moids to see which one is broked
Din dins collection of goodness
Collection by: Niglet
This has goodery in it.
mods i liek but temporarily have to remove cos skrym won't into
Collection by: xheil
mods i liek but temporarily have to remove because yadda yadda yadda
Collection by: Mustache
Favorite Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Magickin' Candle
Skyrim Mods I've tested, and regularly use!
Nirat's Favorites
Collection by: Nirat
This is just an assortment of mods that I use when I play Skyrim, as I think they do a good job in tweaking the gaming experience by adding content, altering content, and improving existing content. Visual improvements, armor sets, and bonus quests are so...
Ninja Mage
Collection by: Vhanfinnel
Bunch of mods for stealthy folk that also like to blow up everything
Skyrim Smish
Collection by: LozzerGaming
Modpack I made for my brother.
Lozzer's ModPack
Collection by: LozzerGaming
A bunch of really fun gameplay mods which remain fairly true to skyrim's lore while adding entertaining new mechanics to the game.
Skyrim overall mods for better experience
Collection by: Jonihilator
A Bunch of mods that improves gameplay and graphics. Combined with SPERG and locational damage. The collection creates great opportunity to play as a shaman
Role playing
Collection by: Connermd
You know RP
Collection by: Wayne Brady
A collection of mods for me to do a re-install.
Whats I Use
Collection by: ThoR_X
Recon's Guide
Collection by: Recon
For use with my guide. Links coming soon.
All or Nothing
Collection by: Skyvard
Just for fun !!!! Cette collection réunie des mods de toutes sortes qui améliorent l'inmersion et le gameplay !
Skyrim collection
Collection by: PauleKillz
Collection by: FileCorrupted
Skyrim Fix Collection
Collection by: <ALC> Fanis
A few mods for minor tweaks and fixes to the game that allow it to be better opimized for PC, and for added replayability.
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