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Collection by gurek95
LilNoname's Faves
Collection by Mirriath
MY favorite skyrim mods XD
Скайрим моды
Collection by gerasimovvt
Пробуем моды
My Mods
Collection by AirborneSpoon
Mods I am currently using
[P] Jedi & Add-ons
Collection by DevynAsylum
This is a personal collection for me to play with and therefore not meant to be actively used with satifaction. There is a bug with the carriages. No other bugs or crashes have been found.
Collection by jamram
A collection of mods that I use, published on here for easy access when the inevitable happens and a reinstall of something or other is necessary. ------------------------------ Required: - HD Texture Pack - All DLCs - Skyrim script extender (dow...
Collection by _gpz
Realistic Overhaul & Pretty Modset
Collection by [D.S.] Reign Of Magic
After you have downloaded and installed/enabled all the mods. Make sure to run LOOT (separate program that sorts mod load order). Other wise you will probably have crashing issues. The current modset I am using, additionally I have a few mods from nex...
Got Skyrim in ur pants?
Collection by Kelevra
when u feelin down makeout wit a clown till his pants are brown and happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
Skyrim mods
Collection by Castawayfan
All the mods in this collection have been tested by me and are compatible with each other, leave a comment if there are any issues
Queerbait's list of approved Skyrim mods
Collection by Q13E5 ︻デ═一
Its a complete list of All my skyrim mods some people wanted. A good PC with great processing speed recommended. Note some of your mods can conflict with mine. If you are running only my mods, please tell me of any buggy mods that I may have overlooked...
Collection by AKeithY
Collection by forrest gump
this is the best collection ever... i promise
my load order
Collection by Zinshin36
skyrim script extender: Poet follower: Unofficial Skyrim Patch: Immersive Armors: RaceMenu:...
My Mods
Collection by Jett Jenkins
My Mods. Bleh
Collection by Rad Dad's Redemption
Mods I Use
Collection by Tyranniac
Mods to make Skyrim more immersive and interesting. They're all compatible and such as far as I know.
Collection by Mustache
the skyrim mods that I use
Collection by ☠jason☣13☠
mega collection
Collection by knight209
a good collection
Collection by Jokerwolf
For personal use.
Skyrim overall mods for better experience
Collection by Jonihilator
A Bunch of mods that improves gameplay and graphics. Combined with SPERG and locational damage. The collection creates great opportunity to play as a shaman
Collection by AGiantDino
Personal modpack
Stevie's Skyrim mod collection
Collection by Killerdude
just what I thought makes the game more worthwile and exciting!
My List
Collection by Bryant
A general good collection of mods. What I use.
Infinites Chosen
Collection by ∞ Wolfy 🐺 Furr
These mods consist mostly of mods that improve functionality and add characters I find appealing.
Collection by Bobbiloff
Nixon's must-haves
Collection by __Robot!Nix
Stuff I use that I didnt want to lose.
Silverblade The Enchanter's faves!
Collection by SIlverblade-T-E
I favour mages an archers, this mod collection also has lots of visual improvement mods as well :)
Fussy's Collection Of Enhancement
Collection by Alcohovich, Vodka Pirate .M.D
All the mods are mods I picked just for fun/enhancement to the original gameplay. Some mods fix bugs and some mods just add upon the fun. Some even greatly enhance the graphical quality and variation!
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