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My Wardrobe
Collection by: boorella66
These are the armors and clothing I used most often. I do not use any body mods, so you need to check compatibiltiy. I play mainly female human/elf characters. and my choices do not always include a male version or accomodate beast races. There are a fe...
Tom's Skyrim Collections
Collection by: Arse Raptor
A collection to improve immersion
just a few
Collection by: SGT Chuck McPanda
a list of all the mods i use. (may cause issues)
Mods I Am Using That May or May Not Be Working
Collection by: Percival Meekins, Esquire
Yep. These sure are them.
New Mix
Collection by: oldskoolfool
new mix
Random Mods
Collection by: xXFrostXx
Just a bunch of mods that I use.
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: FraZack
my choices
Collection by: Brodin
what i use
Bluewolf mod set
Collection by: James Bluewolf
the mods I enhancing not breaking
Advanced Gaming
Collection by: DodotheKing
More Fun and more ways to create your charakter.
Rusty's Collection
Collection by: Rusty_monk
Collection for friends and family
Mods i use
Collection by: WedgieEvans
me mods
Collection by: damiandevries
Ignore this
Collection by: Lithorium
Ignore this
Barefootwanderer's current mods
Collection by: barefootwanderer
this is just the collection of the mods i use at the moment. It's a real mixed bag of stuff so there's no real theme here.
Stuff I Use
Collection by: The Beardsman
stuff I use
SKYRIM: Gameplay & Wild World Enhancements (still RP, not cheated)
Collection by: Mr.Guillaume
No graphics improvements, This is oriented for a better game experience, adding amazing things without broken things. This is stable and well tested on Skyrim (at this date : 20th may 2013), I only have HeartFire, not tested with the DLC Dawnguard ...
Mods i'm using
Collection by: Deimos
The Immersion Pack V.1
Collection by: TheCowKing
For more immersion and little things to inhance the gameplay. (fore RPG use)
Collection by: Vdain
Skyrim UI mods.
For Joe Beatty
Collection by: Twerkith on These Bells
Joe Beatty needs these sweet loots
Skyrim: Avendi
Collection by: avendi
My world.
best mods eu
Collection by: Severalights
totally badass
Blacksmiths best friend
Collection by: Jhall Ridge
Famous, and brave dragonborn soldier/blacksmith Archer Shepard has scoured The planet looking for the best weapons, and armor in the world. now that his journey is done he's made a complete list of his favorites, many of which have saved his life multiple...
Collection by: DizzyDragon
Mooch's Mod Collection
Collection by: Lindenmooch
Just a nice collection I've been using for some time now. Game looks awesome....and I've added a TON of weps and armors. Love it!
cool mods
Collection by: miss icon
Skyrim - RP Experience
Collection by: Jeff-The-God-of-Biscuits
Here is a collection of mods which, in my opinion, really help in creating a truly immersive RP experience in Skyrim. For this collection to function as intended you will need the Skyrim Script Extender which can be found here: http://skse.silverlock.o...
Kebucc's collection
Collection by: Kebucc
Keeler's Skyrim Adventure Mod List
Collection by: Keeler
This is the mod list i use in my Skyrim videos for youtube.
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