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Overseer's Skyrim Gone Sci-Fi
Collection by Overseer
Want to wield a lightsaber in one hand, a MegaBuster in another while wearing Imperial Space Marine armor, fighting alien invaders in the light of overhead Cybertron, near a mysterious black Monolith, secure in the knowledge that your Companion Cube will ...
Collection by TGAP_Luna
Pointless Fun
Collection by [ADHC] Cyber Sheppie
A collection of Mods that won't actually enhance gameplay or add more quests, but more for pointless fun. Enjoy
Anime, Movies, and Other Influences.
Collection by Restless Dead
I've just been collecting things from different catagories and thought I'd throw them all together and let you pick and choose as you like. These are not supose to work together, there are like 8 moons, I just thought it would be nice to have all the d...
my little pony collection
Collection by RexMan46
YAY! its a my little pony friendship is magic collection! have fun and dont forget to rate! :)
Barbarian Adventures Pack
Collection by 兄 Hot Stuff
This is a master list of all the mods that are on the workshop that I use, or at least try to anyways.
Collection by SuperDash_Attack
My little pony related mods
The Elder Ponies V: Equestria
Collection by Twilot Sprinkle
Just some mods that I thought were must haves for any bronies/pegasisters who were fans of Bethesda's smash hit skyrim. These mods are Ponytastic!
Collection by Pinkie Pyro
PONIES!! PONIES EVERYWERE!!! this collection is for great ways to add more ponies to your gaming time
The Star Gazer's Pack
Collection by [FL-Ls'U-TVD]PøwerDingø 真
This pack is for all those star gazers who think that Skyrim's sky is boring, plain, unrealistic and all out ugly. This pack will solve all those problems to make Skyrim a more astronomer friendly place! ~ PowerDingo.
Зборка для КАЗУАЛЬНОЙ игры в скайрим
Collection by Mr.Змея
Вылетать не будет... Честно...
My Little Pony
Collection by Cynder Dragon loves Portal
Skyrim Can Be For Bronies
Collection by Brotzibear
This is a collection for bronies.
Riico's Collection of Favs
Collection by Riicochet
All my fav mods in 1 place, easy
Horses Galore
Collection by Pixel Flare
"Damn Son dese ponies be upping my swag."~Pixel Flare "wow such horse"~Doge "Are you fucking kidding me."~Jhaller "These ponies need more wings"~MA Larson "Man these chicken fries sure are good"~BVids "What have I done?!"~Lauren Faust "Needs more T...
Skyrim Brony Collection (and other stuff)
Collection by Toomahkiin
So this is a thing... I've decided to make tis collection because well... There are a lot of Bronies/Pegasisters who use Steam and I'm just doing this so that they can find MLP essentials easily... So yeah... Enjoy...
my colection mods
Collection by jade pone
theas are the mods i use in my skyrim
My Brony
Collection by DragonSage
My brony stuff
My collection
Collection by SargentL
jew stuff
Collection by Xamal Sin'ichi
a whole shit load of jew stuff
Orphan Jew Tears
Collection by Xamal Sin'ichi
Jewish orphan tears
Balance & Enhancement: Skyrim
Collection by EternalKhajiit
This is a collection I whipped up containing my personal favorite Skyrim mods on Steam. From followers to hair, HUD customization to lighting fires, it's nothing short of fun.
Ponerim n stuff
Collection by Buckets of dosh
ponies, skyrim, dark souls, ect.
Collection by Skaiamena
This is here because of a glitch. Move on, nothing to see here...
My Little Pony Mods
Collection by beccabrom
Borgz ponies mods for Skyrim
Collection by Borgz Pony
for friend
mlpfim brony mods and skyrim mods
Collection by SHINING MOON
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