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I can show you the world...
Collection by fithmo
just doing this to share with some people
A Better Skyrim
Collection by Caps
This collection is a list of some of my favortie mods.
Imperial Legion
Collection by Anwar
This simple collection focuses on "The Fourth Imperial Legion of Skyrim".Those of you out there who think that Skyrim belongs to the Empire, and will fight to the death to keep it out of the hands of some "snoty elf" or "Stormcloak rebel". Well then this ...
All mods I have.
Collection by actual lesbeanie lapis lazuili
Collection by actual lesbeanie lapis lazuili
Not my stuff Have fun!
Absolute Must Have Loaded At All Times
Collection by a.bernalstevens78
An accident's collection for a better Skyrim
Collection by An accident
This is a collection of the mods I'm using. I've put all the mods I think are good here. I hope this'll make your Skyrim experience more interesting and make your game last even longer.
New Homes & Fun Places
Collection by Restless Dead
A few housing mods that work together, or that work together so far.
Just misc stuff
Collection by Adultratedhydra
I put this together for convenience of sharing with friends more than anything else.
The mods I like
Collection by Jake
Just some mods that I think would make Skyrim a bit more interesting and fun.
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