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Lord Of The Rings: Mod Collection
Collection by CoB_FireStorm
Here in this Collection, I will put together a nice selection of Lord Of the Rings mods that can be found on the Steam workshop. I had no development involvement in any of these mods what so ever I just made this for any fans out there like me, who may be...
My Cool Collection Of Mods For Skyrim
Collection by KrypTo 3000
A bunch of skyrim mods that i thought were really cool and wanted to share this collection with others. Credits go to the respective owners
Légende des collection d'objet skyrim super perssonage
Collection by arnaudwalckiers
LOTR movie collection
Collection by Sivor
This collection may or may not be lore based.It has varities of lord of the rings mods. Warning:some require other mods/dlcsor nexus mods. Modders: prodoslam colloseusX | YouTube Maty743 jpdoctor Joureur-pro tomato pumbaa the kin...
Collection by SĦǺĐÒẄ2ĶĶ
Basically a collection of active mods im using, graphics enhancers/dynamic weather conditions, combat ect, plus testing mods. Also will upload Creation Kit mods that im working on at a later date:}
World Add-ons Collection
Collection by Ragnrok
Collection of mods which add large amounts of content that change the ingame world. such as mods which add islands or large quests.
Lord of the Rings Overhaul
Collection by jake.reeves123
All of the LOTR V2 mods in one place so it is easier to download. You still must download the Apachii Hair Mod from the Skyrim NEexus
My Mods
Collection by SĦǺĐÒẄ2ĶĶ
Just a variety of starter mods for Skyrim to look and play better in my opinion:}
Collection by Guild of Rogue Force Users
Tolkien Inspired Skyrim
Collection by Deisophia
A selection of mods based upon the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, from Lord of the Rings to the SIlmarillion. These mods are made by a number of talented individuals, please show them your support. Unfortunately I am not a modder so will be unable to assist...
Lord of the rings !
Collection by Jango Flex
Lord of the rings conversion
mods for skyrim
killer grove
Collection by weeping badass 2 reborn
Collection by Ragnar Lothbrok
skyrim mods
Collection by cameron.scott
Collection by ToXiC
SKYRIM Mods I made or helped making.
ProdoSlam's LOTR mods
Collection by Inconspicuous
This includes all the mods that you need for ProdoSlam and ToxiC's LOTR Soldiers mod to work plus all the 6 parts of their LOTR V2 mod so that they are all in one place (makes it much easier). You will also need these mods from nexus (you can make an acco...
Collection by РяюрнэᎿᎾfДэᎿнᎥ
Collection of LOTR mods i think are cool!
Firebonds mod pack (work in progress)
Collection by [VMI] Firebonds
All the mods i play with so you can have as much fun as I can :D
Collection by lizlownds
Because I have favorited and subscribed lots of stuff
Ultra Collection
Collection by Deltaman
For high level graphics cards
AwesomeSauce (and slightly underwhelming) Skyrim
Collection by Donde Alonde
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