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"A Collector's Dream"
Collection by: ronr42
This is a collection of mods for Collector's of all kinds. It features a very large, very well designed showroom mod called "Dovakiin's Warehouse and Bedroom". Whitch has many!, many!, mannequins,racks,display cases, bookcases and chests to display and st...
Skyrim Armors
Collection by: ericschuckmann
This collection has all of the best Skyrim Armor mods.
Special armor mods
Collection by: rashani
A collection of Special armor mods
Dovahkin Tweaks & Improvements Pack
Collection by: Sku11M0nkey
Great collection of mods that subtly tweak the game and add various fixes that help improve the realism imersion and gameplay of skyrim.
Knight's Collection
Collection by: BadWolf
[SORRY FOR MY TERRIBLE ENGLISH] Do you ever want to be a knight, like in the fairytales which did you hear as children? This is for you! Collection of mods which are good for knights like me :) I didn't creat any of these mods, all credits to authors. ...
The Lore Friendly Add-On Pack
Collection by: arrow_plus_knee_equals_guard
These are almost all of the mods that I use on the Steam Workshop. They will all work with each other but some may need you to tweak the load order (Crimson Tide and Sea of Ghosts for example) I also recommend the following mods from The Skyrim Nexus: ...
Marcus Camillus' Skyrim Favorites
Collection by: Marcus Camillus
A collection of Skyrim mods effecting graphics and realism/role-playing game-play elements. Incidentally, the background image is from the excellent Skyrim YouTube video created by Peter Hollens & Lindsey Stirling. Here is a link to their video... h...
TES Skyrim Emersion Mods For the Circle
Collection by: Decers 789
Culmanation of Mods for Skyrim
Aussie's Collection
Collection by: The Dark Devil
The mods I use put together for my friends to use
Medieval Revamp
Collection by: Abandoned Void
This is a mod pack of Medieval styled mods, and one or two that makes the game more realistic. It includes things like plate mail and scythes.
Collection by: Ragnarok
Cool Extras
Collection by: [FBGM] thatonedude710
Just a bunch of armor and other things that add elements to the game without changing its vanilla packaging.
Collection by: AleX
immersion soubi
Collection by: tartemole
voici de quoi améliorer ton skyrim
Foruth load... to the end
Collection by: altowolf
Brutal Skyrim
Collection by: Dead God
Kampf Kampf Kampf
awesome stuff i like thats lore friendly
Collection by: ☭ Valdeekimir Putin ☭
lore friendly stuff that is completely awesome
Skyrim Utilities
Collection by: Ouroboros91
New features
Items and Stuff
Collection by: Big_Lobster
Theobald's Workshop Extracts
Collection by: Theobald
i might use it
Collection by: YourFatRival
mods i may or may not use
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