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Good things together
Collection by eee-mil
just a bunch of cool mods that are cool... they are pretty cool
Skyrim Roommate Mods Part A
Collection by codemaster2b
Collection of mods to install from steam. Requires all DLC
transfert config
Collection by EbiraH
"Do not use" (transfert de config entre 2 pc)
Collection by JoJo
NO, Get your own description.
My Skyrim mods
Collection by Andy
Pure sexiness
For You Alex
Collection by Robtom
Just for Alex
Improvements to the Skyrim
Collection by DeltaTwoZero
Some of this mods you may find interesing or you may not. Anyway, I made it for people who wants to make Skyrim even more marvelous. These mods have some graphic changes, sounds or landscape. Maybe some of them add new items to the game, changing some que...
Collection by JoseyWales
All the little things Vanilla Skyrim was suppose to have plus Graphical improvements. Includes a large number of Graphical and sound enhancements which really help improve immersion. MUCH improved follower utility which allows you to have complete control...
Epic Game Time
Collection by lonewolf038
Mickebob Collection
Collection by Mickebob
Its majn
Rocketboot fave
Collection by RocketBootRaptor
Future Computer Mods for Skyrim
Collection by Slavey the Dwarf
A personal collection of Skyrim mods that I will be using in a Skyrim playthrough on my new computer (in the future).
Jeeps mod collection
Collection by Jeep91
My personal mods
Rhys' Mods
Collection by Stryder
10/10 wood beng
My Mods :)
Collection by Impy
Bla bla bla its pretty good imho
My Awesome Collection
Collection by Neal Schweiber
All of these mods work together and shouldn't cause any issues. A couple of mods are from the Skyrim Nexus and I'll link them below. You must have all the DLC or some of these mods WILL NOT WORK, and may also cause issues such as CTD (crashing to desktop)...
thegarbyx final modpack
Collection by thegarbyx
questo pacchetto mod è quello utilizzato da thegarbyx nei suoi video. qui dentro troverete mod per tutti i gusti, bisogni e necessità.
Collection by dj_busca92
You Need DawnGuard and SKSE
Collection by KiNG WiLLiS
This is a collection of mods that help make Skyrim a better ROLE playing game. These mods are meant to make Skyrim feel like a real place and not some action sandbox at your disposal. Only for true roleplayers.
itsXthomasTAG's TES: V mod collection
Collection by itsXthomasTAG
itsXthomasTAG's TES: V mod collection is nothing more than a simple collection of the mods that several people including myself have made, that i use on a regular basis in-game. I take no credit for the mods made by the other authors, i only take credit f...
Joppy's Skyrim
Collection by Tyke
Full Skyrim 101
The best skyrim Graphics mods ! ( all work togther)
Collection by Joeotoole99
This Graphic mod set is the best so far i have been playing skyrim a while and these are the best mods for it that ilike I have a GTX 650 and a haswell icore i5 processsor and i can run all of these now lag what so ver so it should be easy for the high...
Javier Sagittarius
Collection by Tyke
Troubles in paradise..
Joe's Mods
Collection by Jofuzz
Now with 30% more mods!
Creepsley's Mods
Collection by That Extra Terrestrial Fellow
Random Mods
Collection by Mr.Chris
A Kollektion, that gives you a different Gameplay Experience°
Jaakolle Modeja
Collection by kektus
Leaf's Collection
Collection by LeafOnTheWind
I'm sure there are better groups of mods out there but, I've focused on simple mods to enhance the way the game looks with only minor gameplay changes. For example, more vendor gold.
Skyrim 1
Collection by BadBanana
My Mods
Collection by Sir Spoons
A collection of mods I dont want to lose in case I something happens
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