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Skyrim Visuals
Collection by: Ouroboros
Must Have
Collection by: Eyeless
for friends
mecha aries skyrim mod collection
Collection by: Sebastian Crenshaw
All ownership is to the original creators of these mods. I do not claim ownership of any of these mods. this is just a small collection of what mods *I* use. ranging from armors, npcs to houses.
Zethn's Graphics Enhanced
Collection by: Damardan
Ma collection permettant de rendre Skyrim plus beau. Les mods inclus fonctionnent ensemble.
My marked
Collection by: Sapphic
Just stuff I use
All mods I use
Collection by: Chronicler
Just every single mod I use, Pick and choose as you feel
Apoc's Skyrim Extended Pack
Collection by: TRD_xApoc1994x
This is a combination of all of the mods that I use. All should be compatable. Please tell me if there are any issues. This "pack" extends Skyrim and make it more enjoyable. The mods vairy from different armor and weapons to new playable species and envir...
Me Gusta Mods
Collection by: Cat Stache
Muh Mods!
Grey's Quick Picks
Collection by: Grey Acumen
For private use.
Vittkid's Collection
Collection by: Vittkydge
The Game Now Is 50% Better
Epicness unleashed (non Dawnguard) 1.5
Collection by: Alex
an updated version of my mod collection for my friends
NIce mods SKyrim
Collection by: M. Caféaulait
Mix of all mods
The College Try
Collection by: Patriciocio
The good old college try.
audio and graphics enhancements
Collection by: Doc
just a collection of audio and graphic enhancements
Collection by: SamusXtreme
Ginchen Mod Collection
Collection by: Ginchen
Collection by: Friar Fish Fryer
Mods used with 550ti
Collection by: DaPuppet007
Just some basic fun mods that I can confirm play nice on an i3-2100 w/550ti. I do play the game using the nvidia optimized settings found on their site, (1680x1050) which for the 550ti is practically ultra settings with no MSAA and fxaa/distant object fad...
What I use
Collection by: Daedalus The Dopefish
What I have currently
Morboth's Vanilla Improvement Project
Collection by: Morboth
Well, ladies and gentlemen: you have stumbled upon my Vanilla Improvement Project. Bear this in mind: this collection aims not to revamp, overhaul or alter in any significant way the way Skyrim works. Instead, its purpose is to polish those rough features...
Collection by: CommissarSCV
Collection by: Splinter
Everything that I keep consistent through my list of mods
Collection by: herms123
Graphics and General Gameplay Mods
Collection by: Mike
All the mods that work well to enhance skyrim visuals through graphics and lighting. Along with some minor mods for gameplay
mein Zeug
Collection by: bizzy_mausi
alles was ich so nutze
Essential Skyrim Mod Collection
Collection by: scrollthief
This collection of mods will improve gameplay and graphics, but avoids mods that are too specialized such as special questlines, houses, individual wardrobes, individual spells and items, etc.
Mod's that make Skyrim more fun and immersive.
Collection by: G3NUINE Chief
A mix match of things that make skyrim all the more fun. : )
All mods I have ever added
Collection by: tRu_FEAR
I believe not all mods are compatible this collection was made to save what I have used in the past and to weed out the old or conflicting mods.
Spaneika's Must Have Mods
Collection by: spaneika
Must-have mods! All are 100% compatible, and system resource friendly! Enjoy!
Skyrim Graphics and Gameplay Collection
Collection by: MWILD
These mods playing @ 1920X1080 everything maxed out 8XAA and 16XAF - will use 1600-1900MB of video memory. I put together the best graphics mods and Game play mods the workshop has to offer currently. This is a collection if you still like the vanilla gam...
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