The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Containing item: "Temples of the Akaviri"
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Collection by G20
Hone and Master your Samurai skills in skyrim. This collection of mods is here to highlight the possibility of being a Samurai in Skyrim through the efforts of a dedicated modding community. Don't forget to rate the mods you like. Respect.
Miraak The Second's Mods
Collection by MiraakTheSecond
The mods I use as Miraak The Second. They are use full, and fun. These mods I strongly recomend.
Collection by Y'vvel
Akaviri Collection
Collection by neopolitan
A collection of known and possibly unknown Akaviri and Blades related mods.
Collection by burningdash
A Wanderer's World
Collection by Toastasaurus Rex
This is a collection of mods that don't add quests, or smithing recipies, or any other specific goal to just head out after: these mods are mods you can just walk around Skyrim running across randomly, to add to your wandering experience. As a bonus: I in...
Theobald's Workshop Extracts
Collection by Theobald
real skyrim
Collection by TheCannibal
these mods help make skyrim feel more real and more like an elder scrolls game
Kelso's Old Mod Collection
Collection by Kelso
This was my old Skyrim mod collection that grew a bit too large for comfort. It also included a range of mods from the Skyrim Nexus, bringing the total to about 300 mods, which was quite ridiculous. Most of them just worked staright off the bat, but some ...
Improvements and Game-Fixes (Lore-freindly)
Collection by chang3r
This collection consists of simple game improvements and ambience enhancements and bug fixes.
Skryim awesome mod collection
Collection by Nark0manas
My own collection for personal use read the mods yourself. After i install i update if i like it :)
Main Mods
Collection by Vladucard
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Golden Overhaul
Collection by korgothlives
A complete overhaul using mods that are not my own, but i love. The Orginiazation will be as such: Lighting and Textures to the Enviornment Player Character Changes, Alternate Start and Perk Changes NPC Changes Faction Changes City Changes Potions...
The Count of Monte Skyrim
Collection by korgothlives
A Collection In honor of the greatest movie ever made, the greatest anime ever made and the greatest book ever written
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