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My Skyrim Mods
Collection by sd.white.79
Dracorath's Mod Collection
Collection by Louis "Dracorath"
Because so many people requested it. If you want to see it in my eye's, join me in my stream @
Skyrim Overhaul v1
Collection by nasquar
mixture of immersive mods
Best mods
Collection by josa ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Skyrim Complete
Collection by Sir Kingston
Improve your skyrim with this collection of mods. I would also recommend visiting Skyrim Nexus for the full experience.
Noeru's Ultimate Smithing Guide
Collection by Neressi
This is a collection of all my favorite subscribed weapon, smithing, and armor mods. This is just a compiliation, I am not claiming ownership over ANY of the mods listed here. These mods are what I use all the time, everytime I play skryim. If you really ...
Noel's Ultimate Collection
Collection by trollTHERAPIST
About 80 or so addons from the top 300 rated that will make the game look prettier, more user-friendly, general fixes (like followers won't set off traps), new weapons, new killmoves, better models/textures, new spells, new questlines, graphics/lighting t...
Collection by Puuroaristokraatti
Simple rpg mod collection.
Kick-ass mods
Collection by TILEV
Collection by Landbearshark
Mods for land and bears
Testing Some mods :D
Collection by Christophen
I'm testing moids to see which one is broked
Collection by flwast2
Brutal Skyrim
Collection by Dead God
Kampf Kampf Kampf
Mousematic Skyrim
Collection by elmouseyo
All things pretty and functional Note: This mod requires the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE). Get it from
Yes. Maybe? No!
Collection by StolenSafety
Mods I use
Collection by ofortuna109
Just mods I like, all the work belongs to the original authors
Dean's Mod Collection
Collection by Shadowpalm
DAWNGUARD NOT REQUIRED. Assorted mods, none silly. I use these mods together with no stability issues.
Collection by vova.noskov.1994
Collection by Kardeem18
Collection by Temujin
Ma collection de mods pour améliorer le jeu !
Best Weapon&Armour Mods
Collection by johnathan-manu
Hey i just play skyrim casually and these are my favourite Arms&Armous... In other words this is a collection of my favourite armour and weapon mods. I dont take credit for these mods. I AM NOT A MODDER SO PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR ME TO MAKE A MOD :) IF YO...
Modpackage by Blutschlumpf
Collection by Blutschlumpf
Just a basic modpackage for a more exciting gameplay and a few graphic-improvements without a great loss of performance.
Steve's Collection
Collection by Trolldogg
This is my huge pack of Mods that currently are running on my PC - I recommend running BOSS to check for load order. I take no credit for any of these - just my collection I use
Mod's for don!
Collection by Crawdadio
Mods for don!
Auron's Collection
Collection by Auron
Collection by X13G75
for friends
Collection by フXAN
my personal collection
Graphics + Gameplay Improved
Collection by Chillin'
This is my personal Mod list, catered to those who want an overall more immersive and pulchritudinous experience while still maintining the "soul" Bethesda placed into the game, such as myself. The aim of this list is to not only provide that which wa...
Collection by Ben Rachman
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