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Containing item: "Item Sorting with Weightless Items for Hearthfire"
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Item Sorting by Saige Weighless (ie 0) Items Collection
Collection by: saige
Just all my Item Sorting Mods that have items with 0 weight together so it's less confusing to new folks that want their inventory sorted. Keep in mind this mod only changes names and item weight so if you want the same looking UI, check out SkyUI. Otherw...
Mods I use
Collection by: CaractacusRex
My Skyrim Favorites
Collection by: mrsbruhaha
Karel's favorite Inventory mods
Collection by: Karel & Raphou
Modifications of the inventory: item sorting, item weight, item prices, need to carry axe/pickaxe, auto-unequipping
Jeffrey's Collection
Collection by: jbabbs
Just all the mods I Like to use coupled with Mighty Magick, Glowing Ore Vains 300, Harvest Overhaul, Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces, paarthurnax dilemma all found on NEXUS.
Collection by: crossbones8899
f you
My choice
Collection by: lantissan
Quality of Life
Collection by: Aunion
Wag's Skyrim Stuff
Collection by: [TAW] Waggish
Skyrim - UI Mods
Collection by: ColdELITE
User interface improvements.
Item Sorting
Collection by: alexanderyount
Item Sorting and weightlessness Mods
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