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General improvements
Collection by: [Q.K.] Entharion
This is the collection of mods I actively use, it contains mainly graphical improvements, and some gameplay improvements.
FallenWyvern Skyrim Mod List
Collection by: Prvt. Donut
A list of mods I want
The Standard
Collection by: @Otaku_Ishi
The obvious mods anyone would want. This improves the games immersive values. You will need Dawnguard, HearthFires, Dragonborn, and the DLC high textures pack. You need ApachiiSkyhair full (latest) and ApachiiSkyhairfemale 1.2 You'll also need Breez...
Must Have
Collection by: Eyeless
for friends
Zethn's Graphics Enhanced
Collection by: Damardan
Ma collection permettant de rendre Skyrim plus beau. Les mods inclus fonctionnent ensemble.
Ultimate Graphics Mods130+
Collection by: Offline
In dieser Kollektion findet ihr über 130 Grafik Mods die miteinander fuktioniern. Viel spaß bei dem modden von Skyrim :D In this collection, you will find over 130 graphic Mods, that work witch each other. Much fun in the world of Skyrim :D
Mods I Use
Collection by: blackdidosith
This is the mods i use
Skyrim So Pretty
Collection by: DireMuffin
I like Skyrim, and I have a pretty powerful machine - so I pulled out all the stops to make the game as pretty and immersive as possible.
My set-up HD
Collection by: Alkalus
Makes Skyrim look nice with an ENB.
Skyrim basic mod set
Collection by: homlescow
set includes a selection of game improving mods. a good starting place for improving your modded skyrim experience
Collection by: java
collection de base de lee
Collection by: WingTsunLee
what the f**k is wrong which mod is not compatible with the others ??!!
Collection by: | Capt´n /隊長
some thing is not working .. what is it ?
Collection by: Safari Mike
More Realistic Skyrim
Collection by: [KFC]Woodhouse
A collection of mods that make the game look and feel more realistic.
Collection by: Raptor
salut Dri
Kray Kray Skyrim
Collection by: <SIRENCalls>
Mods I believe make skyrim look great. *Please Read Descriptions On All Mod Requirments* Not all of these mods work togther this is just a showcase for you guys to test out the mods you believe will enhance your skyrim experience.
Starting Over
Collection by: psy456
Finish Up Junk
Collection by: Lagman John
The Ultimate Skyrim Experience (work in progress)
Collection by: gp
meine modliste
Collection by: Wild-Play | AgOnY
Dakil's Skyrim Collection
Collection by: Disco Ninjas
Skyrim mods
Collection by: Nacht
Collection by: BigBoiRock
all my mods
Graphics & Gameplay Overhaul
Collection by: Gundaranger
A great collection of mods enhancing both graphics and gameplay. Everything works together!
Collection by: /ylle/
Skyrim - Visual Enhancement
Collection by: TheBlackChriss (Aroow)
Get a better visual Experience with this collection of mods from the Steam Workshop. Check also my two other collections: Skyrim - Audio Enhancement Collection - Skyrim - Realistic Hunti...
Collection by: strictlywikid13
Thomas' Faves
Collection by: GoatBoy }8]
requires SKSE
Collection by: MrKvaras
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