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Javier Sagittarius
Collection by Tyke
Troubles in paradise..
моя сборка
Collection by V_yKyRe
отличная сборка)))
Samufugu Working Mods
Collection by Frisky ( ゚ヮ゚)
Currently working mods that don't crash.
Qoazis choice of mods
Collection by qoazi
"Warning" This mod collection requires SKSE to work properly. "Warning" Hello guys this is my mod collection that I personally use. Batt steam don't have all the mods I wont. So some of the mods i use are from nexus. You can ofcourse just use the modes ...
Work In Progress
Collection by Slayer3DN
Collection 1
Collection by Celery
This is just a collection that isnt too heavy, but changes the game enough to my likening.
Skyrim Мод на графику
Collection by Meat Boy
Muh collectun
Collection by Szeptun
all work together for me
Celtic's Immersive Modpack
Collection by Celtic
This is a personal modpack for me and my friends. It contains mods that greatly enhance the graphics and immersion of skyrim. All mods should be lore friendly. (or close enough) If you enjoy this pack, remember to rate and favorite! ^^ ========= WA...
my modded skyrim
Collection by Emgurwack
Watch these
Collection by Surefire
mods with future potential
Чтоб было круто !!! (RUS)
Collection by blesna9
Всё работает вылетов нет . (RUS) ВНИМАНИЕ !!! ВНИМАНИЕ !!! ВНИМАНИЕ !!! После последнего обновления , лаунчер не видит моды (не грузятся моды дл...
Jadeia's SkyRim RogueLike Survival Mods (Now Obsolete)
Collection by Jadeia
EDIT: Thanks to the way the Steam workshop turned out with the paying for mods mess, a lot of the mods included in this collection have been removed from the workshop. This broke my save game. I managed to fix it by switching over to managing my mod...
Collection by Menelek ✪
Collection by Drug Dog
Skyrim Mods By Adam
Collection by Adam™
Skyrim à la perfection
Collection by John Locke
Skyrim complets pour bien s'amuser ( very good colection )
Mods für Keno
Collection by D|zZy
Collection by I-501-A
The Better Skyrim Experience
Collection by :(
These suggested mods are my favourite ones which will greatly improve your Skyrim adventuring experience. These are mostly realistic and lore-friendly mods that will certainly make your Skyrim more realistic and immersive place. My collection includes s...
Great Mods Collection
Collection by Addy
This is a collection of mods that will enhance graphics, gameplay and other general things in Skyrim. All mods run smoothly and without flaw on their own, and as far as I've tested they also run perfectly together (listing compability notes down below). P...
Collection by cocoa_split
A nice looking Skyrim
Collection by Royal Chaos Magician
Lots of (mostly) Lore Friendly Mods
Collection by Zedrex
Mods I Use
Collection by megageeklizzy
All mods
Collection by Svenson IV
All mods I use for myself.
Sensei Gerd's Skyrim Mod Pack
Collection by Bubba Ducky
These are the mod's im using to pla skyrim as of current. All are lore friendly, i think.
Hano's Way
Collection by Hanosandy
Make sure to download the secondary installation required with Sky UI
Must Have Skyrim Texture Packs
Collection by Lamp
This is a collection of what I feel are must have Skyrim texture mods. It contains both workshop and nexusmods recommendations. I will update the list as I find new mods to add Recommended NexusMods: Enhanced Lights and FX -
Personal Skyrim
Collection by ShinobiRengogun
This is my own personal collection of mods that make my game more fun. I thank all those who made and supplied the mods.
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