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Woodthorn's Collaborative Ironman Pack
Collection by Woodthorn
This is the collection of mods used by me and some friends for our Ironman playthrough. Feel free to use it for yourself, but please keep in consideration that this was made with private use in mind.
Gollums Collection
Collection by Gollum
My personal colleciton of Mods that i find make the game more intersting, Not always for the better, but does make it more overall interesting. Defintely need the SKSE for this one. Have fun, wierd thing is none of my nexus items are in, dammit :(
Additional Collection (Part 2)
Collection by Agent_Anorexia
These mods may have conflicts and are farther reaching than the base collections mod. They add new things such as quests, areas, items, etc. and do not strictly follow game lore (though I tried). I have confirmed that the game will launch and there are no...
Lore Friendly Collection
Collection by locke284
Lore friendly collection of mods.
Collection by Ericleo007
FallenWyvern Skyrim Mod List
Collection by Prvt. Donut
A list of mods I want
My collection
Collection by Seutonius
Skyrim add ons
Collection by Tifrobond
Use this stuff to start your modified Skyrim
Zethn's Quest and Storyline
Collection by Damardan
!!! Attention, je n'ai pas tester l'intégralité des compatibilités entre eux. Une série d'add-on rajoutant des quêtes ou modifiants des événements en jeux.
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