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super amazing kai stuff
Collection by: Jiedre
for personal use. mods i like. lore-friendly.
My mods
Collection by: Death Grips
Zoozki's Personal Favorites
Collection by: Zoozki
A collection of mods that I have found to be quite useful or mods that makes the game look different.
Dies und Das
Collection by: Nysus
Alles mögliche ;)
Collection by: DarthScreamer
Skyrim collection - streaming mods
Collection by: Viperlee
My collection
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: buffalosoldier
This is for mods on Skyrim. My god, if this works and I can play in Elsweyr, I will fucking lose it.
skyrim mods
Collection by: [FeX]Mako the Khajiit
my skyrim plugins
Collection by: built_to_scale
My favorite plugins. All work well together.
Janosch Erschdling
Collection by: Prometheus
Skyrim Essentials
Collection by: Neku Shrouden
This is a few mods for skyrim that Enchance your gameand add many new quests Requires SKSE
Collection by: Shadowzilla
Billygoatman123's Lore Friendly mods + better graphics and effects
Collection by: Billygoatman123
This is a collection of mods that impove gameplay, and graphical enhancements. These mods are pretty stable and I have not had any issues with these so far. I would recomend BOSS to get a good load order if you are going to be modding with this collecti...
Collection by: timtimtiresss
Skyrim stuff
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: d.presl4
tigers collection
Collection by: ratcat1
Collection by:
just some stuff working together we like to use
Collection by: Kenshin
C-PC Skyrim Collection
Collection by: Deathsarm
Collection 1
Collection by: dapperhayden007
just a small collection of mods
The Gaige
Collection by: Kahnoa
The Gaige
Collection by: Kahnoa
My collection
Collection by: Gemzer
Skyrim Reduxx
Collection by: boytype
Bagle's Good Ol' Fun Pack
Collection by: KingofBagles
It has things.
Strife's Choice
Collection by: StrifeWolfe
Just putting this together for a friend who wanted some suggestions on what mods to get from the workshop. Don't forget SKSE.
Collection by: Requiem0123
hum, pour le clem
Roundaround's Mod Pack
Collection by: Roundaround
The mods I run in Skyrim.
Standard Mods by M
Collection by: Maldeghem
My collection :)
Collection by: Trancentral
Pretty good i think!!
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