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Inquer's MegaModCollection
Collection by: Inquer
Just lots of mods(more than 100!) I use. No DLC-needing mods(some aren't compatible with DLCs). Every mod in this collection is compatible with any other mod. What about other mods? I don't know. None of the mods is made by me.
Steam Exlusive Mods
Collection by: Smile n Fire
Mods only found on the Steam Worshop or better said not on Nexus. I will not consider other download sites when determining if a mod is Steam exclusive. I will make no distinction whether a mod is DLC required or if it will conflict with the DLC's. I ...
Survive the adventure
Collection by: CyberWing89
I have some questions for you. Do you want your adventures to be a little more depending on your survival skills? Do you want to play on a flute? Do you want to go to a island far from Skyrim? Do you want to wield a keyblade? Well, if you klick tha...
Ahindi's style
Collection by: everett
A mash up of some realy cool mods i liked.
Bow and arrow
Collection by: Cysmic
Skyrim Stuff Misc
Collection by: Thunda child
Epic Skyrim Mods
Collection by: crookshankz4estree
deez modz r awesome dats all i need 2 say k
The Most Fantastic Awesome Graphics Group
Collection by: totsuma
Steam Exclusive Music
Collection by: Smile n Fire
Mods not found on Nexus that add music to the game. this could be dungeons, combat, taverns or when opening your menu. This list will grow as I go through all the mods finding useful and unique mods. Any input from others will be appreciated.
Skyrim Remade
Collection by: aryanplayez
Hi this is my first collection i have made and i think that skyrim is a epic game and it can be improved with these mods and improve ur Skyrim gameplay.
bow and arrow
Collection by: Cysmic
vonrot collection
Collection by: =AvL= Vonrot
Subscribed Mods 10/1
Collection by: Azrael
I have to unsuscribe from all of my mods so here's the collection of them.
Mods I Enjoy
Collection by: Juuzou Suzuya
Just mods I enjoy having.
Cool thingies
Collection by: Shadow
Collection by: Cysmic
This is my personal favorite mods for an assassin playthrough. Some mods wont make sense.
Modded Playthrough Bundle
Collection by: ۩≈PoF≈۩ | Darkshadow
This is my collection for messing around with. I can tell what many will say, this pack includes cheats, yes, and i reccomend you use this for after you've beat the game atleast once and want a game to mess around in. I do not use the weapons or armor add...
Professor's Skyrim: Modded to Oblivion
Collection by: Justin "Obeast" Schlitz.
Here are all 125 mods I used in my play-through of Modded to Oblivion. Originally it had been 131 but as of now, it's down to 125 (due to updates/hard crashes.) The only game-breaking bug I've faced so far was the whole - horse on a rampage thing in th...
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