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The One's 150 random mod's
Collection by: ❶ne
The title say's it al: This is a pack of 150 random mod's!
Skyrim mods I use
Collection by: Tailswish
A collection of mods that I use for Skyrim.
Collection by: Butts
Butts' collection
Cardboard's Favorite OCD Calming Mods
Collection by: Cardboardboxes
This is a collection of mods that fix the little things in Skyrim that drives me crazy. Feel free to check out my other collections as I have them sorted into several collections.
Most Immersive Mods In ONE
Collection by: Munchies
A collection of major and minor immersive mods that'll help you make the best of Skyrim without having any impact on the lore.
My Collection of game-boosting fixes and stuff
Collection by: zking2112
it fixes everything from ugly characters to ugly meshes and graphics to crappy NPC interactions. (just not the armor and weaponry yet).
gfx and ambience mostly ;)
Collection by: sanakan
just a list for gfx enhancements and stuff. use at your own risk. if bugs occur, i'll try to figure out what might be having compatibility problems, but any feedback is welcome =)
The Rim of Sky: Mods for your adventuring pleasure.
Collection by: SwagLikeKaijou
This is my compilation of mods, I find them to be very imersing and not really game changeing. Most of these enhance whats around you without being graphically challegeing.
Immersion Expansion Pack
Collection by: Eman
---READ BEFORE SUBSCRIBING--- This collection is made so that everything in it works together. You can click "subscribe all" if: 1. You have no other mods installed (If you do, check if they will work with the mods listed here). 2. Only have Hearth...
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