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Collection by acarroll15
A collection of mods for role playing a hunter or ranger in skyrim. im always updating my mod packs so keep an eye out for new stuff!
Collection by acarroll15
A collection of mods for role playing a thief or assassin in skyrim. i will always be updating my collections so check them out often!
Make Skyrim As Realistic As Possible
Collection by TheFortuneHunter
I simply browsed the workshop looking for any and all mods that make Skyrim a more realistic experience. These mods vary from big to small changes, whether they let you Fus Ro Dah open a door and smash bottles, or mods that adjust the graphics to look mor...
GFx and gameplay and UI, Oh My
Collection by Genlsis
This is going to be a list of every mod I have currently running, it works on my machine, I dont guarantee it for yours. :-) Every mod in this collection contributes to what I consider a much improved game experience in Skyrim. For the most part I ...
Ultimate Realism
Collection by A Thousand Slowly Dying Sunsets
A collection of compatible mods that give Skyrim an incredible amount of realism, turning the formerly dull, uninspired combat into a frantic whirlwind of blood and steel. Best used with Frostfall (, on Maste...
My Gameplay Enhancements
Collection by CrazyAssCC
This collection has all of the good gameplay tweaks in my opinion. Just remember these mods are "my opinion" of good gameplay tweaks. So download what you feel in your opinion are the best suited for your gameplay experience. I'm not sure if they al...
Skyrim Improved Gameplay Pack (NO DLC REQUIRED)
Collection by Lohengramm
This collection features various mods intended to make the game either more balanced, more fun, or just provide more variety and options to the player without breaking the core gameplay any worse than you already can normally. These mods should all be ...
The Horus Mod Collection
Collection by AGAW ♥
A collection of various mods I use to improve my game.
Faelenedh's Immersive Pack
Collection by cheweb/faelenedh
For English translation, see below ================================================ Vous trouverez ici ma liste de mod perso que j'ai sélectionné pour rendre mon impression d'immersion plus réaliste Le but de ce pack est bien sure d'améliorer un...
Collection by acarroll15
A collection of mods for playing a knight or other "tanky" class in skyrim. i will always be adding new mods to my collections so watch out! ;)
Bound to be a Warrior
Collection by nicholson_evan
Working in tandem, these mods let you be an awesome bound-weapon fighter! These mods are logical fixes, not cheats! This collection makes the following changes: First and foremost: Bound weapons level up. Now they are usuable in later stages Second: ...
Jim's Skyrim Enhancement Collection
Collection by Genotype Jim
After playing the beta of TESO I was sick of grinding by myself in a poor looking version of Skyrim. So here's a collection of graphical improvements that have worked together for me. For now I've created this list for myself and my friends but I'll hopef...
Hardcore Pick up and Play
Collection by Wentago
Good for quick play sessions. Rules: 1) You will start in a random location at level 1 with 5 perks 2) Pick a premade class/kit/birthsign 3) Change the difficulty to master (legendary won't work with the one mod). Damage is ridiculously high for b...
Icarus' Pack
Collection by Kingicarus
For Monejha
Skyrim Mods
Collection by chrislyonsreilly
Lu Bu's
Collection by L.A. Gore
For the Moon.
Martial arts
Collection by Xiphos the Great
Martial arts mod
Till Kimpa
Collection by Simpa
Till kimpo
Roland Collection
Collection by RolanD
Для себя чтоб не забыть
Hamoth's Mixbag of Goodies
Collection by Hamoth
Just a collection that I like, saving it for a rainy day.
Kaylend's collection
Collection by Kay
My own Skyrim
Collection by Thai
My Skyrim Mods
Collection by Coop
Skyrim mods i like
Din dins collection of goodness
Collection by Big Moist
This has goodery in it.
My Steam Mods
Collection by matolman
Shows the mods I use on Steam, even though most I use are on the nexus.
Mods That I Use On Steam
Collection by matolman
The mods I use on steam, even though most mods I play come from the nexus.
for tyler
Collection by ßeasț Maŋ
For tyler pt2
Collection by ßeasț Maŋ
mis mods
Collection by GaudiestJA
aqui estan mis mods para cualquiera que le guste :)
Collection by Xiphos the Great
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