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Sultan Collection
Collection by: DemonicMarshmallow
my collection
Collection by: Big Shy
Subscribed Mods 10/1
Collection by: Azrael
I have to unsuscribe from all of my mods so here's the collection of them.
Skyrim Utilities / Usability Mods
Collection by: Dryans
Mods that affect some mechanic of the game to make it more playable / immersive.
Collection by: -=PATOLA=- Jester
Collection by: dagey
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: lonewolf0001
Elder scrolls
Collection by: Dorsai
Collection by: illuminae
jrd's collection
Collection by: fylkestrafikksikkerhetsutvalgsse
Bluewolf mod set
Collection by: James Bluewolf
the mods I enhancing not breaking
my choices
Collection by: Brodin
what i use
my mods bedog12345
Collection by: captain garden
mods im using
Collection by: GyGDugong
Hardcore RPG and good visual for weapon users
Dan's Collection
Collection by: >>
Collection of mods for ultimate immersion and gameplay improvements
A fully tested list of mods.
Collection by: Mysterious Professor Dr. Mystery
I wanted to give people a chance to look at some mods that might be hidden amongst the 18,000 mods Skyrim has. These are a few of the ones I use that will definately help you improve your game.
Kryo's Essentials Pack
Collection by: CryoSage
This collection is excellent for those that want to keep most of the vanilla aspects of the game and gameplay intact, but want some of the highest rated graphical overhauls, hideouts, and expansions. includes small gameplay enhancements like the ACROBATIC...
Skryim mods
Collection by: ezpz.laggy
Till Kimpa
Collection by: Simpa
Till kimpo
Mono Super
Collection by: Simpa
Collection by: Silverwolf
Collection by: Shadowzilla
Kebucc's collection
Collection by: Kebucc
Collection by: Headchopperz
me only
Collection by: JamesW
Immersion and content driven mods
Collection by: Fluffguck
Mods i use
Collection by: WedgieEvans
Simple Mod Collection
Collection by: EnelyaFefalas
Simple Mod Collection as the title says!
Dxella's Collection
Collection by: Dxella
Put up this for sharing with my friends, Notes: - The mod '' The Paarthurnax Dilemma '' will for some reasson cause a crash when fighting the dragon down in soul cairn, Solve this by turning the mod to NOT LOAD wile fighting the dragon down in soul...
for dave
Collection by: wlcd.Jabdz
for dave!
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