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Survival/Realism Collection
Collection by: jdueskov [DK]
I find that Skyrim is a bit too easy and some things dont make much sense in the way of survival or how things work in real life.. this colletion aim to make skyrim a more hostile place where caves are dark, enemies are tougher, and you need to eat, sleep...
Perk mods
Collection by: genericfantasygamer
For me, but feel free to peruse
Barefootwanderer's current mods
Collection by: Barryhn
this is just the collection of the mods i use at the moment. It's a real mixed bag of stuff so there's no real theme here.
Immersive Skyrim Collection
Collection by: Andrew Oak
Tsukkgin's Skyrim Collection
Collection by: Tsukkgin
Riasiru's Skyrim Favorites
Collection by: Big Sexy
For some reason you can't share your favorites with friends. I mean, you can see what your friends have favorited, but you can't share one on one with your friends. I don't want to see what every one of my friends has favorited, I just want to see individ...
Make Skyrim Chug like a bawss
Collection by: Squidraider
A collection of all the mods I use. Not the most stable of collections but where's the fun in life without a little danger? ;) Also get these
Collection by: [wonderfail]
Collection by: Magicicada
they're great
Collection by: Grey Acumen
High Gamplay Tweak, Low on Extra Graphic stress
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