The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Wrath's Skyrim Collection
Collection by: WrathPhoenix
This is a basic collection of mods that i have found work well with each other. This was originally intended as a collection to share with my wife, but I am making it public for anyone who wants to try our experience. Note of caution: I am using these ...
Rank's Collection
Collection by: Curb Resingdale
For my mates
My Better Skyrim
Collection by: Sojourner202
These are the things that I think personally make my Skyrim experience more enjoyable. All of the mods loaded are compatible and lore friendly.
Jaga's Skyrim Selections
Collection by: Jᴧgᴧ
Current mods in-use in my game. Minus selections from the Nexus.
Grey's Quick Picks
Collection by: Grey Acumen
For private use.
Essential Mods
Collection by: Momma loves you
Just a collection of essential mods i put together for my buddies
For the Hussey
Collection by: BloodyWolf
For my mate Rob
Skyrim add ons
Collection by: Tifrobond
Use this stuff to start your modified Skyrim
mine 2
Collection by: Omega
Collection by: vonericson
Compilation of some of the mods I personally use or was GOING to try out before my computer got a trojan from the Nexxus.
Must Have
Collection by: Eyeless
for friends
Llisandur's Skyrim Workshop Mods
Collection by: Llisandur
My collection of Steam Workshop mods.
Collection by: MrRickert
Mods that i use. quick access
Smoke's Collection
Collection by: Smoke
My mod collection I have Hearthfire and Dawngaurd
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: ducktapewarrior
This is a list of all my mods for Skyrim. It all works, doesn't crash either :)
Viagra for skyrim (Skyrim enhancing mods)
Collection by: Drakonman
Mods that I hand picked to make skyrim less of a headache and more fun!
Wood Elf Followers
Collection by: evanhairston
A bunch of followers for bosmer because there aren't that many wood elves in skyrim to begin with.
Hearthfire Improvements
Collection by: Suspense
These are all the mods that simply make the Hearthfire DLC better.
Remises Box of fun
Collection by: DiggityDawg!
This is my collection of different mods that I think really improves my game experiance, and probably also others experiance. It is a collection of 123 beauty mods, realisme mods and improvement mods. They all work perfectly together and i have been pla...
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