The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Janitor's favorite picks
Collection by: The Internet Janitor
Handpicked for quality and integration into the world. That means no posh mudcrabs no matter how cool they are in this collection. Almost exclusively these mods are tweaks to better balance aspects of the game, or fix bugs and oversights by Bethesda.
Collection by: Robobob
+100% more epicness to Skyrim! Enjoy <3
optiondelete's collection of doom
Collection by: [aNm] optiondelete
Jaydak's Collection of Mods
Collection by: Jaydak
Various mods you may like!
Collection by: Gibley
skyrim magic boost
Collection by: sniperman 127
hey there fellow spell casters you down because you can not take down a group of enimes while a orc with a axe can kill a dragon . well i know how that feels so i got thosuands of magic mods together.
Kunikos' Collection
Collection by: Kunikos
Better than from Nexus for these items.
So Mark, you wanted to be a Wizard?
Collection by: theGreatZamboni
ZAP! That's right, the sound your footsteps make because you ARE A REAL WIZARD!!! -You wake up in the morning, you look in the mirror. -You see a milk drinker -You Slap your face and think, "this is what I wanted" -You put on your wizard robes and h...
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