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Logical Thinking
Collection by: AD_79
These chambers, all created by me, are ordered A-Z. Give some of them a try. DIFFICULTY RATING: (Out of 10). 1/10: VERY EASY 2/10: EASY 3/10: SOMEWHAT EASY 4/10: EASY-MEDIUM 5/10: MEDIUM 6/10: MEDIUM-HARD 7/10: HARD 8/10: VERY HARD 9/10: MIND-ME...
My favorites: :Test Chamber Wonderland
Collection by: Gooddog
THIS is Test Chambers by OTHER builders worthy of mention. These are builds that are clever and fun to replay. If you like Test Chambers that, like mine, combine puzzles, mazes, portal guns, with clever, surpising elements, check these out. if you want st...
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