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DooM (and other Games)
Collection by: carl.kenner
High quality conversions of other games to Portal 2, with their original maps, graphics and sounds. My DooM and Wolfenstein levels, and Timoteeei's excellent Minecraft levels.
Collection by: [ES] Desperado
Hipercollection 4 th3 Cake!!By Snedius
Collection by: eX(s) Snedius
Todos los mejores mapas para single y co-op.
Deathmatch & Fight
Collection by: 9Strike
Coop; Deathmatch
Collection by: [BiZzNaStY] Shadowgenisis
Collection by: xX_Xanthos_Xx
Randy makes love
herorockers portal 2 collection
Collection by: Autistic Red Pyro
portal 2 stuff
Collection by: thesteve23
Lots More Portal Maps
Portal 2 and other games
Collection by: KosMos
In this collection you will find maps, in which there is something from other games - new ideas, graphics or gameplay. If you know the maps that will be perfect for this collection - write your suggestions in the comments and maybe I'll add them to this ...
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