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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Co-op master collection (m-trex' pick)
Collection by: m-trex
Collection of collections of co-op maps, simply click "Subscribe to all" to get them all. Let me know, if I missed a collection.
Collection by: КАРОБАЧК_О
хрень какая то просиходит!
Co-Op to Play
Collection by: Rokuma
Stuff we shall do
COOP Maps & Collections
Collection by: p4ik
Portal 2: Coleções de Mapas
Collection by: Siewy
Carns mega collection
Collection by: Carnage
stuff and things
My Coop Favorites
Collection by: wildgoosespeeder
Original Location of My Favorites These maps are so good, ...
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