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Broken World
Collection by narkfestmojo
The Broken World visual style is a slight modification to the Wheatley visual theme using bts fog and my custom designed elevators. The chambers use a single visleaf which also contains the open elevators. Large chambers are difficult with this style so t...
Best SinglePlayer Maps
Collection by Ace Ryder
I know it's a lot but these are all, in my opinion, great quality single player maps.
GLaDOS for President
Collection by UbuntuRox104
VOTE: GLaDOS or Wheatley for President of Apermerica (A new country on Earth 1175) GLaDOS is a pretty amazing character. Dedicated, honest, counsel (right judgement), and morality. She's got the skills to maybe even become President! This series, h...
Collection of my favorate maps
Collection by StephenC
This is a collection of my favorit maps by other users.
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