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Containing item: "DooM E1M1 with Turrets v2"
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DooM (and other Games)
Collection by: carl.kenner
High quality conversions of other games to Portal 2, with their original maps, graphics and sounds. My DooM and Wolfenstein levels, and Timoteeei's excellent Minecraft levels.
For Razer Hydra SIXENSE DLC Motion Pack
Collection by: carl.kenner
These maps require, support, or work best with the Razer Hydra and the SIXENSE DLC Motion Pack. This collection is highly recommended for all Hydra owners. Don't subscribe to this collection if you don't have a hydra or the SIXENSE DLC installed, you won'...
Hipercollection 4 th3 Cake!!By Snedius
Collection by: eX(s) Snedius
Todos los mejores mapas para single y co-op.
Collection by: PEDRO_HAS
item do workshop para portal 2
herorockers portal 2 collection
Collection by: BLK Pyro
portal 2 stuff
puNDuKE's Portal 2 Collection
Collection by: puNDuKE
Best of the best Portal 2 levels - Also in the mix... be sure to check out my friend Norte93's amazing levels!
Collection by: thesteve23
Lots More Portal Maps
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