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Collection by: smartmrbill
pass it along
Kal's Kollection of Kool Levels
Collection by: ``phnX
Yeah, I'm just going to put a bunch of random levels that I think are amusing in this pile over here. That pile over there? Thats nothing... Just levels that suck utter shit. (Not all levels outside of this collection are utter shit.)
The Best Portal 2 Maps
Collection by: ♥LegenDove♥
Use this handy collection to find top-quality Portal 2 Maps! This collection is updated frequently and will feature quality maps contructed by fellow Steam members! Run by NHPSjordan *If you would like to join me in spotting the best Portal 2 maps, jus...
Pensando con Portales
Collection by: IronicRoyale
Co op maps
Collection by: George6120
Collection by: Master Jiggywiggy
Random Shiat
I'm different
Collection by: aib
Unique maps I've stumbled upon.
herorockers portal 2 collection
Collection by: Autistic Red Pyro
portal 2 stuff
Collection by: Uroconsult
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