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Containing item: "Bow of the Glacial Wurm"
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Shadow of the Glacial Wurm
Collection by Anuxi♥
Drow respected the Glacial Wurm who had been outcast from its pack for his unusual shadowy colouring. They hunted together in the cool dark forests at the base of the Alps. Yet one day, he did not arrive for their weekly hunt. Drow found him, slain by poac
Dota 2
Collection by Gabo.-Ftw
esta buenissima
Collection by "❤Sny❤"
Collection by Lousy Fox. :з
Best of DotA 2
Collection by .::::ĦεḺℓḟ☤я€::::.
Hey Everyone! This is my first workshop collection so please rate it as you think fit.
Collection by MONSTER KILLER
Collection by Krldraaw
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